Smash Notes | Today in podcasts The best new podcast episodes, summarized. 60 Hangin With Hadley Fraser (Part 1) Hadley Fraser has carved himself a prolific and diverse career. From actor, musician to writer. From stage to screen. Ramin Karimloo and Hang have known each other for close to 20 years as their professional paths have crossed several times. Thu, 07 Dec 2023 02:30:23 +0000 Bootstrapping a B2C Startup to +$20k/Month with Buster Benson Buster Benson (@buster) is the founder of 750 Words, a $5/mo journaling tool. He kept it alive for more than a decade while working at Twitter, Slack, Patreon and running and shutting down Health Month, a startup leveraging social gamification to get its Wed, 06 Dec 2023 02:30:37 +0000 Kirill Zubovsky - Smashnotes - Youtube For Podcast Snippets Kirill Zubovsky is the founder of Smashnotes. Smashnotes is a curated collection of podcast notes. Tue, 05 Dec 2023 02:30:14 +0000 #100 – From Aspiring Billionaire to Indie Hacker with Sahil Lavingia of Gumroad <p>After leaving his post as employee #2 at Pinterest, a teenage Sahil Lavingia (@shl) raised millions in funding from high-profile Silicon Valley to build a unicorn startup that could change the world — Gumroad. Today he lives in tiny Provo, Utah, spends much of his time learning to write and oil paint, and runs Gumroad as an indie business with the goal of making himself happier. In this episode we talk about what happened in between, and the lessons Sahil learned that can help every indie hacker create better lives for themselves by building more "successful" businesses.<br><br>Transcript, speaker information, and more:<br></p> Mon, 04 Dec 2023 02:30:42 +0000 Why Silicon Valley Is Hiring Bird Experts A few years ago, reporter Sarah McBride noticed that a top engineer at Twitter was also an expert on the brains of birds. Then, more and more, she started seeing that many top tech companies have bird brain experts in their highest ranks⁠—that includes Apple, Google, Intel and a secretive startup founded by Elon Musk. This week on Decrypted, Sarah and fellow reporter Ashlee Vance set out to understand why Silicon Valley is so interested in avian minds, and what they could tell us about tech’s ability to influence our own. Sun, 03 Dec 2023 02:30:16 +0000 Kirill Zubovsky: The World of Podcasting Kiril Zubovsky is the founder of <a href="">SmashNotes</a>, a website that curates highlights from millions of podcasts in the form of Q&As. Be it science, business, startups, education, news, or anything in between, they've got you covered. He also hosts his own podcast called <a href=''>Rad Dad</a>. In this episode, <a href="">Kirill</a> shares the insider knowledge he's collected both as a founder in the growing podcast industry and also as a YCombinator alumnus. From life lessons to startup culture, you will leave this one feeling a little wiser and more well-informed about the way our world operates. Sat, 02 Dec 2023 02:30:35 +0000 12 truths I learned from life and writing | Anne Lamott 12 truths I learned from life and writing | Anne Lamott Fri, 01 Dec 2023 02:30:38 +0000 Before and After of having a baby - Anthony Armendariz - Partner and Head of Design at Funsize Anthony Armendariz is a founder of <a href=''></a>, a design agency based in Austin, TX. He had been in the design business for many years, and eventually had founded his own company with his wife, Natalie. For many years they were working non-stop on Funsize, growing the team, and their client list. But one day, they decided it was time to do more than work, they were ready to have a baby. Although pretty terrified at first, Ant and Nat prepped themselves and their company for the changes, and it could not have worked out better! If you are a business owner struggling with the question of whether it is time to start a family, this is a must listen episode for you! Thu, 30 Nov 2023 02:30:51 +0000 Blogging 101 Everything (we mean everything) you need to know about blogging Wed, 29 Nov 2023 02:30:30 +0000 Matt Shobe. Feedburner 2 Google and Beyond. Matt Shobe is a father of 3 boys, a serial entrepreneur, a private pilot and a rad dad, who came to the Rad Dad podcast to talk about startups and what it takes to have a happy family while you are busy building a rocket ship. Tue, 28 Nov 2023 02:30:12 +0000 Deep dive into Remote Work with Hiten Shah Remote work is taking off, again. Except this time, the world is ready for it. We've got tools to help us work from anywhere around the world, broadband is cheap, and big bosses are getting on board too. Hiten and Co surveyed hundreds of remote workers to find out what made them tick. Turns out, flexibility was a huge hit. But, not all remote workers are happy, and for some, lack of top-down oversight was an issue. To get the best results from remotes, both the company and the workers have to get on the same page, and do extra work to make this work style a winner. Mon, 27 Nov 2023 02:30:54 +0000 Blogging His Way To $9M in Cash - Ramon Van Meer Ramon does not know how to code, or to write, and knows nothing, absolutely nothing about his target audience or the subject. He then goes ahead and builds a business worth $9,000,000 in three years. What? Sun, 26 Nov 2023 02:30:35 +0000