Ryan Diess: Husband. Father of Three. Founder Digital Marketer.
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Very early on, Diess was inspired by his familiar ambitions. He would always share what he was doing because there was always a market for it.

He is the founder of digitalmarketer.com, a serial entrepreneur, and a father of four children. He is also a self-taught web designer.

It’s a training website to train entrepreneurs and digital marketers how to be better in digital marketer. The inspiration of the website came from Diess' own experience.

Diess stated that his first kid was a surprise to them, and this was when he first wanted to go all in with his company. Having kids became a key motivator for Diess to start up his business.

Couples should have this conversation right off. For Diess and his wife, his wife didn’t want to work for him. One reason is that she didn't want to share his problems, because if they both were in a tough situation, who would they have to turn to?

Diess admits that it’s unfortunate because he doesn’t have a lot of memories with his oldest daughter during her first few years of life. He was physically there, but not emotionally because he was focusing on his business.

Diess states that everything he was spending on during a 16 hour work day on got done at his set time of 9-5 PM. Applying constraints changed drastically for him and his company.

For Diess, it was his ego that decided that he needed to work 16 hours a day to accomplish his daily goals. It took his wife talking to him for him to realize that he had to change his work schedule and focus more on his family.

Diess states how that’s a substantial amount of time to get stuff done. If you can’t, that means something is wrong and it needs to change. It means that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, your model is wrong. So, you will need to go back and re-evaluate and figure out your path.

You begin to realize how inefficient you can be when you’re trying to extend hours and do other stuff. You do a better job when you track your time. It may be humiliating at first, but it turns out to be beneficial to do as a whole.

You have to first ask yourself how you’re spending your money. The second thing is looking at your calendar and plan your year for family and business time.

Diess states that he doesn’t like having experiences separate from his wife— or family. The relationship with his wife is his most important one because the kids will later grow up and be on their own.

You have the role of being the spouse and you cannot neglect it because it will impact the kids. Making sure to have date nights and quantity time, not just quality. Diess emphasizes to not miss out on events.

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