Dave Morin insights from Facebook, Path, and 250+ investments
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Book smart, very well studied and read, incredible forward-thinker and incredibly technically gifted. He is also enormously competitive and determined.

Facebook has enabled an interconnected world and shifted our social norms for the better.

Anxiety is the series cost of humans using technology.

There are some tricks that can make phone usage less frustrating. For example, It helps to turn off all of your notifications and to put yourself into a control of time. Also, move all your apps to the second screen of the phone, so nothing triggers an urge to use it, when you just open the phone.

To each their own, but whether amazing professional athletes, or high performing entrepreneurs, anxiety is equally distributed.

In fact, the social stigma around it is only making it harder for people to share their feelings, leading to more anxiety.

Number one, you should have a coach. Your health is number one. Professional athletes get coaches, and nutritionist, and so on to keep them going. It's important that founders approach their health with the same degree of importance.

At the time when Uber was getting ready to launch. although friends with the founders, Dave was still very broke. He was focused on his job at Facebook and did not feel it was right to be diluting his attention to somewhere else.

When you say "Yes," you are potentially losing a predictable amount, but when you say "No", you are potentially losing billions.

Startups will consume all of your available time, so unless you consciously set time for yourself, startup will consume it.

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