Anthony Zhang on Wine as an Asset Class
Forward Thinking Founders

Did you know that wine is an asset class that has outperformed the S&P for the last few years? Before Vinovest, choosing the right wine to invest in was a lengthy and tedious process for professionals. With Vinovest, a simple and modern tool, anyone can invest in wine without hassle and in just a few clicks.

1. Take a short quiz about your investment tendencies, risk profile, etc.

2. The system automatically generates a custom portfolio for you

3. Your wine is stored in their facilities, where they appreciate over time.

Yes, you can order and they will ship it to you for any occasion. You own the wine.

Anthony has a logistics background, as does his cofounder. Besides, wine business already has a heavy supply chain and logistics setup, so the challenges were more about building the software than dealing with the logistics.

Wine is best to balance out your riskier investments like Crypto and startups. Wine is lower risk, consistent, and appreciates over time steadily. It is also a great hedge to a market downturn.

To be global and to scale, wine no longer has to be based in California or France. Vinovest can ship to almost anywhere in the world and to scale.

It's fantastic:

1. Great weather
2. Hollywood fashion
3. Talent in many dimensions.
4. Great tech scene

1. USC, which is where he met his girlfriend
2. The fashion district and arts district
3. Santa Barbara
4. The west side and Culver City

In short:

1. Investors want to help but not be in your way
2. When you need help, ask diligently.
3. Problems are ok, investors know you will have problems. Be forthcoming about them.

1. Gotta hustle hard
2. Leverage their portfolio founders
3. Try cold emailing, but these are bottom of priority list for most investors.

Reach out to portfolio founder on LinkedIn, have a convo, then ask for a reference. This is effective.

1. They probably get 200 emails a day
2. Their best deals come from a dozen different sources.
3. They may miss out on great deals from cold email, but the effort to find these deals are not worth sifting through all of them

Note, this generalizing. Some VCs like cold emails.

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