New Career, Who Dis?
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It is a content management system (CMS) that is similar to WordPress, but quite a bit more complex. It provides a place to store content instead of being dependent on others.

A benefit of this degree is that it sometimes allows potential employees to be taken more seriously by potential employers. It is not always necessary, though, as there are alternate ways to acquiring these skills (i.e. those who are self-taught).

It discusses the ethos behind why people do the things they do. Discovering this "why" motivation helps provide guidance which can lead to success.

In a college environment, students are somewhat limited on finding the right instruction fit for their learning style based on what professors are available. In self-taught environments, learners can play around with different instructors and different types of learning mediums (videos, audio lectures, etc.). However, self-taught environments don't necessarily provide reassurance when extra help may be needed.

A student should keep in mind that by the time they reach their senior year in studying computer science, new technologies have probably already been developed. It is really difficult to keep up with what everyone is using in real-life situations.

It can help develop one's problem solving skills and ultimately, it looks good on a resume.

There is not anyone checking work. If an individual is learning something incorrectly, there isn't anyone to reel them back in and correct mistakes.

General Assembly and Flatiron School are two popular on-ground options. Lambda School is a good online option.

Spend some time self-teaching before beginning a bootcamp. First, one must make sure they at least enjoy writing code before jumping in and making a career change. Second, bootcamps typically move very quickly. If one has a base knowledge before beginning a program, it helps with the transition and not feeling overwhelmed by the new experience.

If someone is already beyond the beginner level of coding, bootcamp may not be necessary.

Usually around $15,000 for a program within a larger city. Costs in smaller cities are somewhat lower based on cost of living, etc. Some schools are beginning a payback program where students don't have to pay tuition until they acquire a job and then begin paying back their costs through a percentage of their salary.

Dig into a school's numbers. Make sure that a school's graduation rate is good and that their students are finding jobs upon completion of the program. Make sure to read information on tuition and payment plans.

Being able to go at one's own pace and not become stressed out by the speed of things can help particular learning styles master content more effectively.

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