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  • Phrase the questions in abstract, without focusing on the specific guest. Make it relevant for anyone not familiar with this podcast.

    For example, instead of asking "How did Jake learn to ride a bike," change that question to "How can I learn to ride a bike?" and give an answer from this episode, as if it was a statement, "To learn to ride a bike, you have to ... A-B-C...etc.".
  • Consider gender neutrality when possible. Instead of writing "He is extending his feelings onto his partner," write "they are extending their feelings..."
  • When marking a question start time, put the marker at the end of a question s.t. if a listener starts to play the segment, it starts to play right from the beginning of the answer.
  • If the host asks a question, and the guest answers a completely different question, then write down the question which was answered, not the one asked by the host. The goal is to enable listeners to get instant and efficient value out of the notes.

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Will money make you happy? 00:03

According to Naval, money will solve your money problems, but it won't get you everywhere else. When you finally get to be wealthy, you will be the same person, happy or unhappy, calm or irritated.


What are the three things that cannot be bought with any amount of money? 01:15

A calm mind, a fit body, and a house full of love.


What is so ironic about divorce and money? 03:11

Naval suggests that if you have a calm mind and you've already made money, there is no reason why you should not have a good relationship, and yet, so many divorces happen because of money.


What is the ultimate purpose of money? 03:58

Money should enable you to not be in a specific place and a specific time, doing anything you don't want to do.