Jeff Morris Jr. — Investing in a post-COVID19 future
Paradox Podcast

Sad for the world but spending a lot of time with family which is amazing. Also can't remember the last time the entire world pulled together to fight against a common enemy, which is inspiring. Lots of paradoxes.

How a high school teacher who told Jeff he thought he was talented enough to become a professional writer set Jeff on a course to study screenwriting in college and a more creative career path by joining the tech industry and eventually becoming an investor.

Despite being from the San Francisco Bay Area and applying to join Uber, Twitter and Airbnb early (first 15, 150 and 50 employees respectively), Jeff got rejected from all three and had to move to Kansas City in 24 hours to take his first tech job.

Jeff talks about the importance of choose a category that is important enough to consumers they will pay for it. He also talks about the importance of having a role within a company that is close to revenue so you have a scoreboard to track.

Jeff talks about how he started angel investing back in 2013, building his confidence to start investing larger checks more frequently and his recent decision to become a full-time investor through his fund, ChapterOne, at the beginning of this year.

Jeff discusses his decision to leave Lambda School and follow his heart to become a full time angel investor.

Jeff talks about some of the existing investment areas that the coronavirus pandemic is accelerating and some new ones that are emerging.

Jeff talks about the central role family plays in his life as one of eight siblings.

Jeff talks about the importance of mental health in his own life and how every one, especially founders, should see a therapist or a coach on a regular basis because building a company is one of the hardest challenges in the world.

Jeff tells a story from an interview he did with Ron Johnson who Steve Jobs hired to create their retail experience that culminates in a lesson about the importance of remembering everyone's name.

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