Where Do The Dollar Bills Come From?
Planet Money

Small paper mill in Massachusetts that's been doing this for 130 years.

Dollars bills are made from 75% cotton and 25% linen, which makes for a very sturdy paper.

American dollar bill is made out of 75% cotton and 25% linen. No trees are killed by printing dollar bills, while linen and cotton mix make for a very sturdy paper.

US dollar bills undergo a quality control measure by a fold test, when a machine folds and unfolds paper, until the paper breaks.

While regular copy-paper can take ~100 folds before breaking, the paper for US Dollar Bill can take 5000 folds!

It's been a family business for generations, starting in 1979, when Mr. Crane undercut his competitors during the bidding process and got the very first contract from the US treasury.

While a lot of the design goes into creating subtle hard-to-copy differences, some counterfeit features are quite literally embedded into the paper. A security strip and a colored thread are just a few, among many.

If you ever meet a truck driver with a gun, telling you he's carrying halloween candy, chances are you have just run into the truck transporting US currency paper from the mill, to the engraving department.

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