I Laughed So Hard I Cried
Plays Well with Others

The foundational element of every society is collaboration, not competition. Unfortunately, awards are given to individual humans, not teams.

Play well with others is taking an insider look at tools, techniques and realities of collaboration. They interview today's most interesting collaborators and study how they solve old problems with new methods. Every episode will tell you a story and explore one of its mechanics, such as rejection and gratitude.

"Yes, And" is about creating a forward-momentum, taking whatever the other performer is putting out and building on top of it, always adding information to the original idea in a collaborative spirit. "Yes And" enables to always keep things going, creating something ultimately bigger and better together.

You put a joke out and immediately getting it smashed up by everyone, and then you do it again and again.

If you take every flopped joke seriously, you will have a bad day. The goal is to focus on the discussion of what you are trying to achieve as a whole, as opposed to getting bogged down when your own jokes are not taken well. By collaborating and being willing to forgo one's own ideas, the group ends up with a better results as a whole.

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