Code Story Noah Labhart : Startups and kids, paying the bills, work-life harmony, and how to have it all.
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You end up going from man-to-man to zone defense. One person has to be watching and taking care of all three kids then. It is very different than just having one or two kids.

In case of Noah, they both wanted to spend a significant number of time with kids, especially early on. Given his work, they made it a family decision that Noah would make money, while his wife would remain at home.

It's variable. Noah tries to focus on work-life harmony. When he has to work hard, he puts in the time, and then when things get easier, he gets to spend more time with family.

Veryable is the on demand marketplace for manufacturing and distribution, logistics and supply chain labor. It connects businesses and blue collar workers, enabling businesses to scale their operations up and down, to meet spikes in demand. Meanwhile, workers using Veryable are able to find flexible hours that work for their schedules.

In a typical business you could throw a lot of money at advertising and get some clients into the door, but because Veryable is so new, Noah and team have to meet face-to-face and educate a lot of clients on their value add. Otherwise, it's pretty typical: get leads, reach out, sell your value proposition, repeat.

Balancing time, making sure that despite working hard you are still available for the kids, that was hard. What was also hard at the beginning was the financial stress of not having a steady income.

Cost of living is much less than doing it in San Francisco, which is great. However, there are not a lot of tech companies and it is challenging to find the right crowd to learn from.

Definitely. Flexibility is paramount. You can take a day off when you need to, or go home when you want to. Even though you get financial ups and downs, it also forces you to take control of your destiny.

(1) Store some cash away to have a runaway for when the bad times inevitably come.

(2) Surround yourself with people who believe in you and can support, encourage, understand and mentor you along the way.

(3) Take breaks and do fun things with your family. Your kids are only going to be young for a little while, don't miss it.

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