Drew Wilson. In an RV around the world. 🚍🌎
Rad Dad, hosted by Kirill Zubovsky

For Drew Wilson, he enjoys making things and seeing what he’s made come to life. He says that if it's just a design, then it’s not doing anything. For example, he wanted pictures that were being created to actually do the things they said they were going to do.

Get better by building and making something yourself. You will know how systems work. Wilson suggests that you should branch out and incorporate new skills to strengthen what you enjoy doing.

Wilson states that as a parent, specifically a dad, your physical body either exists at work or with your family. Up until a year and a half ago, he worked at home. Now, he works in an office a mile from his home. At first, he felt like he was failing as a father. It took time for him to adjust not being around his kids like he used to be. Now, he considers it fun.

Wilson states that he’s never worked for someone else, other than someone at a print shop. Ever since his kids have been around, he feels like he had the freedom to make his own hours and take any amount of time off when he wants. He states how easy it was to work at home.

Wilson claims that going from zero kids to one kid is one of the hardest transitions to adjust to. It was a few months after his child was born when he realized that helping out his family is more important than the work.

Single people may not realize it now, but they have four times the amount of time compared to someone who has three kids. You don’t realize how much free time you have until your time is controlled by kids.

One way to definitely improve your marriage, if you are a dad, is by helping your wife with the childcare duties. Just because you are a working parent, it doesn't mean you are actually doing more work. Taking care of kids is a lot of work and it is hard.

It used to be that dads were less involved in raising kids, but it is changing now, and it is great that more new dads are spending time with family, changing diapers, making sure their spouse gets equal sleep..etc. "Just because you are going to work it does not mean taking care of kids is somehow less work."

Wilson feels guilty if he wants to take personal time to go surfing. This means that he would be spending time apart from his family while he’s doing his own activity. He is pulled toward wanting to spend time more time with them instead of spending his own personal time being away from them.

Wilson and his wife decided that they wanted to be married at least four years before having kids. He’s glad to have kids when he was 26 because at that age, he personally had more energy to keep up with them. Plus, when his kids are out of the house, he won’t be super old.

At first, Wilson’s wife missed living in Washington state. Once returning, she realized she didn’t enjoy living there as much as she thought. As Wilson and his wife wondered how long they would stay in a one place, they decided to get an RV to travel and circle around the U.S. with all three of their kids.

Wilson states that kids are real easy when it comes to inventing new structures. For his kids living in the RV, that’s all they knew since they're so young. So, it isn't as difficult as you might think for them to adjust to living in an RV.

It depends on your personal goals. Wilson suggests that if your goal is to see the whole U.S., then go longer than a year. If you don’t have kids, it's much easier to accomplish. You’re more restricted when you have a kids on the trip.

Wilson states how everyone has their own idea of how involved of as a parent they want to be. He suggests that you should take the time to find out early on who your kids are and what they’re into. You will be able to connect with them on that level, and find other things that will interest your kids on a different aspect in life.

Exposing your kids new things will lead them to be super well rounded and excited about life. One important thing is to give your kids curiosity. When they’re older, it will make it easier for them to find what it is that they’re into and what they’ll want to do with their life.

Wilson takes life in stages. Because he knows what he wants out of life, the next thing for him to do is figure out how to get there. He knows he has to go through different stages in life to reach his goals.

Wilson says they must love and focus on their kids. Everyone needs to make a more of an effort of being a better father for their kids.

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