Roberto Gibbons Gomez. How to get paid to have fun!
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Roberto Gibbons Gomez, better known by his brand name The Expeditioners, is an entrepreneur, creative content creator, and a social media influencer. One day, after running a company with hundreds of employees, Roberto decided he wanted to get paid to have fun instead. Just like that, a dream and a company to fulfil it were born.

Roberto's parents were both entrepreneurs, so he learned the ropes of selling and marketing from the early age. Then, when it came time to make his own mark, he took their small family business and grew it. At the height of it, Roberto had hundreds of employees, selling curtains to Costco. Then he changed it all for a truck and a life on the road. Roberto became a van-lifer way before #vanlife was a trend.

No, that's actually a little bit backwards. If if you don't know how to sell a product, you could have the coolest product in the world, but nobody will know anything about it. You can have a diamond in your hand, but if nobody knows how cool that diamond is, then you won't have anything.

Package your product so the dollar value is obvious to your buyer. Many influencers would ask to be sponsored, but that does not mean anything. You have to be succinct and explain what you are doing, where it is going, and what the dollar value the buyer is getting.

"I'd all depends where we are and what we're doing. We just spent three and 1/2 months crossing Canada with a Jeep gladiator truck and an stream. So those typical days are more along the lines of: wake up, stoke the fire, make some coffee, take some photos, take videos, get the kids ready, play with them for a while, make them breakfast, and then hit whatever adventure activity that we're planning on doing that day or distance that we're planning on driving.

The schedule depends on which trip we're on, which constantly changes. If we're in Turks and Caicos, then that is usually: wake up, do a little social media, breakfast, get the kids ready and go kite surfing for the rest of the day. So it all depends on where where we are in the world.

Today I woke up, took the little one to preschool, then the nanny came over by 11 and then wife and I went skiing for the rest of the day. That was a hard day's work."

Cash Flow. You could be owed a lot of money, but the brands are yet to pay the bill. Roberto learned to build relationships with the brands and have them to pay an annuity.

It took Roberto's parents a long time to accept it because they did not understood the life of a content creator, until he invited them down to some of the villas that he was getting paid to live in, and they realized it was perhaps not at all bad.

"People used to look at influencers and social media and say, What's that garbage? And now you know, I reached a point years ago on Facebook, I reached more people in a day than a national magazine would reach in the country!"

You sacrifice stability of a recurring paycheck, but instead you get to choose how you spend your time. Most dads, for example, only see their kids on nights and weekends, but Roberto gets to spend 80% of the time with his kids and his family.

A one bedroom is a castle, when you are used to living out of a tiny Airstream, or a tent.

Roberto is a "Yes man." He takes on whatever opportunities come his way and then figures out how to make them work.

Intrinsic success is more important than financial success. Growing up in Montreal, Roberto used to look at the Whistler ski bums thinking they've got life all wrong. Now he is one of them.

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