Michael Parenteau. The Pursuit of Happyness
Geek At Sea

His family was hit or miss. Some of them were very encouraging and then there were other people who were not.

Food on the table, shirt on your back, roof over your head became the family mantra. This is how his grandmother saw success.

He told him that the money will come if Michael was passionate about what he was doing.

As a parent, often times we can see why our parents made particular decisions and we relive our childhoods through our children. Much of what parents do is driven by what they want for their child/children.

He didn't want to discourage her and say no. They decided to explore together -- looking at guidebooks, reviewing other's trail logs, determining what gear they needed, etc. It was an opportunity where they were able to learn together.

He hopes that she will have an opportunity or experience similar to his experience during his last few years of high school when he spent 4.5 hours a day in an art studio. He spent lots of time meeting other artists in the community who were making money while pursuing their passion. It was was a transformational time for Michael.

Michael notes that it's ok to want to be somewhere else. While painting, he is often asking himself "Is this where I want to be?" and at other times he isn't thinking at all.

Just try something out. If you like it, try it again. It feels empowering and creates purpose when this door is open.

Michael had a close friend who was also an artist that told him to not stop making art because he wouldn't have as much time to create with the arrival of a child. That was scary for Michael. Another friend was neighbors with a successful businessman artist. Upon asking him how he became a successful artist, the businessman said to have kids! It is the ultimate motivation. Keep making art.

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