June 17, 2019. Weekly summary of the best podcasts on the internet. Startups and life choices. Justin Kan, Sahil Lavingia, Bryce Roberts, and James Beshara.
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James is using Smash Notes to create segments for his podcast called Below The Line. Listeners can follow along with the notes, pick segments that interest them, or read through before diving into a longer-than-usual episode. It's a great way for James to provide insights and for his listeners to get a little extra.

Thanks James, you rock!

Melinda Gates points out that all the countries of the United Nations have already set out their goals for 2030 with all the idea of what is possible, we just need to work towards that and we'd live in a much better world.

he best thing about being a founder is that it forces you to grow; good things or bad things, you will have to learn, whether or not you like it.

According to Justin Kan, making a lot of money does not give you joy. Some money is obviously better than not, but at some point money alone does nothing. It does not change the relationship with people. You have to find meaning outside of money.

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Sahil Lavingia took Gumroad and moved it to Provo, Utah. While in San Francisco everyone cared about his growth rates, employee count, investor names and other typical startup business, in Provo no one cared.

It turns out that every homogenous society operates on its own set of principles and outsiders are judged on a set of values common to that community. In Provo that meant Church and family life.

For the longest time, Utah has been perceived as a strange place under Mormon Church influence, but it's changing and becoming more open and welcoming to the outsiders. Especially now that typical startup places are becoming increasingly unaffordable, Salt Lake City is a great option to live and to work.

Email newsletter and offline interactions. For Disrupt Japan there are 25% of listeners who don't actually listen to the episode, but read about it instead. People love to come to events and to interact with the host.

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