Creative ways to get kids to thrive in school | Olympia Della Flora
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Teachers need to figure out how to not only teach students to read and write, but also help them manage and deal with their own emotions.

Teachers must figure out where a child struggles the most and allow the child to utilize his or her strength. Mental health resources in schools provide kids access to counseling sessions throughout the day. Then, kids could be taught how to identify their feelings in appropriate, healthy strategies to deal with them.

Yes. Using tools to proactively address and understand a student’s behavior rather than just simply reacting to it allows teachers to find other ways to help the rest of the students benefit as well.

The math and reading scores exceeded the expected growth. Kids were encouraged to stay in the classroom. Breaks taken throughout the day helped them focus and learn.

The effects of childhood experiences such as an absent parent, chaotic home life, poverty, and illness can contribute to barbed wire barriers in a child’s learning.

When teachers have shorter lesson plans, it allows children to engage on a single focus to retain information.

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