Hangin With Hadley Fraser (Part 1)
The Hang with Ramin Karimloo

Hadley Fraser.

In 2003 Ramin saw his friend Hadley Fraser was in amazing shape and decided to get in shape using the same fitness program Hadley used - the Insanity Workout.

Hadley finds it very inspiring that Ramin continually find the motivation to self educate and self improve. When they first started playing music together, Ramin didn't know how to play the guitar as well as Hadley. Yet through teaching himself, seeking the best people to learn from, Hadley thinks Ramin is a better guitarist than he is today.

Ramin went on to play Jean Valjean in Les Miserables at the Queens Theatre.

Ramin got the part after an impromptu audition where he enacted the confrontation scene with Hadley without any prior preparation.

Hadley played Marius in Les Miserable (2002)

Hadley played Javert in Les Miserables at the Queens Theatre in 2011. Ramin joined him as Jean Valjean for four months.

Hadley Fraser will be starring in the City of Angels starting March 2020 at the Garrick Theatre. https://www.cityofangelsmusical.co.uk/

End of 2015, when Hadley appeared as Polixenes in The Winter's Tale and First Halberdier in Harlequinade at the Garrick Theatre with Kenneth Branagh

Ramin had his biggest beard in 2013-2014 when he appeared as Valjean of Les Miserables in Canada

Parenthood is a challenging responsibility that is wonderful. At times playing with his daughter may come at the cost of getting rested for a show. He now looks forward most to going home.

Try to say yes when your kid asks you to play. Even when you are tired and exhausted.

Early in his career when Ramin was playing the Phantom, an older couple came to stage door just to tell him how amazed they were for his show. They also shared that they had saved three month's for their matinee tickets. It became a wake up call for Ramin to always try to give his best.

Hadley has found himself to be better when he doesn't drink. It's a check in with himself. "I can't just live a life unthinkingly, then expect my voice to be there".

Hadley is teaching at the Performance Preparation Academy in Guilford https://ppacademy.co.uk/hadley-fraser/

Hadley believes in authorial intent - trying to put what the author intended rather than his own stamp on to things. Such that the result comes out as a group intent. He aims to be a part of a congruent whole.

To be off book from the start of rehearsal.

Discipline equals freedom. With discipline comes the freedom to play.

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