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What is the Remote Work Report? 03:29

While remote work has been around for a long time, and many people have been working in distributed and remote teams for decades, it has been growing in popularity over the last couple of years, specifically with high growth startups in San Francisco.

The Remote Work Report is a comprehensive look on the subject of remote work, created by Usefyi, one of Hiten's companies. They surveyed 486 people at various startups and summarized challenges and benefits of working remotely. If your company is considering remote work, this is a great resource to see how others are doing it.


What is included in the Remote Work Report? 01:39

Hiten Shah surveyed 400+ remote employees and found out that while everyone loves remote, it comes with some challenges. The report itself contains tips and tricks on how to make remote work the best for the employees, and the company.

Check out the Remote Work Report and learn more.


What is the number #1 challenge with remote work? 04:57

We have not figured out how to deal with ourselves.

In an office environment, a lot of structure is provided for you. You are told exactly when to show up and when to leave. You are told exactly when to go to eat. You get social interactions with co-workers, and these social rules of engagement are understood.

In a remote company, the structure does not exists. You have to build it from scratch.


Why is discipline so crucial to remote work success? 06:08

Often time, people who are looking for remote work want the freedom to travel, to move, to work whenever and whoever. Unfortunately for some, to be successful while working remotely, it is imperative to have the discipline to design your work life, and not everyone is ready or able to do it well.


Can remote work be a burden on the employer? 08:50

Yes. Remote workers without the discipline to work remotely will have emotional problems and it won't work out for them or for the company.