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Who is Jeoy Zwillinger? 00:19

Joey is the founder of Allbirds, a shoe company that is funded by the likes of Maveron and Slow Ventures.


What was the reason for starting Allbirds shoes brand? 02:49

Through his work on biotechnology projects, Joey learned that selling an innovative renewable product to a traditional brand was an uphill battle. Direct to Consume (DTC) was the best way to get renewable, really innovative chemicals and materials to market.


Is retail dying today? 06:47

Retail as we know it is definitely dying. The internet has enabled consumers to shop for the cheapest deals.

All that said, when it comes to picking a tangible good, like the Allbirds sneakers, consumers still want the satisfying experience of being able to touch and feel the product, before making their first purchase.

The internet is a great way to order replacements after that.


What is the Amazon impact on traditional retailers of consumer goods? 09:03

Amazon has created a completely competitive market where a consumer is able buy practically anything at the lowest price. As the result, brands are pressured to cut costs and to discount their merchandize, making cost and now quality, their primary focus.


Why Allbirds are not available on Amazon? 11:58

Joey says that once a brand lists their product on a marketplace, that sends a negative signal to their consumer and undersells their brand value. Instead of being compared on price, Allbirds wants to be differentiated by the quality of their shoes, and the difference they are trying to create in the world.


Why is simplicity the key to success in the DTC business? 14:02

Direct to Consumer market is oversaturated, and a great brand with only a few offerings can stand out by helping the consumer to make shopping less challenging.