The Secret Life [2]
To Live and Die in LA

It was because there were already so many strings of tips sent to the police department from all kinds of people. Tips remain buried from the police's concern and were left ignored until later occurrences.

That the description fit Adea’s on-again-off-again boyfriend, Chris Spotz. He is a senior student that Adea was dating in secret.

It was within two minutes that they responded and went to Chris’ address that was on file. It turns out that Chris did not live there.

Adea told Emma that Chris was her partner in a scene. After they started seeing each other, she found out that he was engaged. He supposedly proposed to Adea because Chris claimed to leave his current fiancée, Mary.

She was asking where to buy red candles because she may have wanted some for Chris’ uncle’s funeral, which was in Sacramento. What’s funny is that this is the first mention of Adea’s weekend plans and of Sacramento.

They tracked Chris’ phone and his fiancée’s phone. They also observed their cars. The police had a hit on the fiancée’s car, which was in the parking lot of a hotel that they had check into.

This means that she would have access to medication, and would also know what to give a person to induce a coma.

Remaining anonymous, he speaks that he is unsure if he’s the last person to see Adea leave, but he states that she appears to be scared of someone else, not of the ones who were in the truck. It turns out, he didn’t write down the license plate number.

The anonymous guy said that within two hours, Angel was saying how Adea went missing and he wanted inside her apartment to access her computer.

Follow the lie. He states that Angel is the only person that has lied to him so far. Adea’s computer in her apartment was used after she disappeared.

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