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How do you price a product, subscription vs. one time pay?


Pricing is something you might have to struggle with and do a lot of testing on to figure out what customers in your market are willing to pay. One Month had courses with different pricing and different value proposition for each, and that was really confusing for the customers. A simple annual price seemed easier for One Month customers to subscribe to.

The Media Mindset on Smash Notes

The Media Mindset

The Evolution of Knowledge through Digital Courses Guru Chris Castiglione

Do you lose your mind during long ultra races?


You do, and in fact Jurek tries to lose his mind on purpose by relaxing and not thinking too much of the race. There are times when you gotta do the basics mental load, but for the rest of the time you have to find a way to get your mind off things.

Backpacker Radio on Smash Notes

Backpacker Radio

#37 | Jenny & Scott Jurek on the Appalachian Trail Speed Record, Parenting, and What's Next

Do you have to be smart to understand science?


We all really science people. If you’ve ever ridden in a car, seen a doctor, or eaten something that’s cooked, you’re a science person. The biggest misconception seems to be that in order to love science, you have to already understand science, but that's not true. Science is all about being curios and asking questions. You don't have to know anything to start, just be curious.

Science Rules! with Bill Nye on Smash Notes

Science Rules! with Bill Nye


What is the relationship between stress and IQ?


When a person is calm, they do better on tests. This can explain why drugs are so popular with kids. Medicines that calm your mind down to help you focus— which improves your IQ— can result into a better score. You can accomplish the same with caffeine, where just the right amount can get you calm and focused, but take too much and you will get jittery and unable to concentrate.

Rad Dad, hosted by Kirill Zubovsky on Smash Notes

Rad Dad, hosted by Kirill Zubovsky

👨‍🏫 Geoff Ralston. Startup founder and Y Combinator partner on the future of education and technology.

Why is Abby Walker keeping Vivian Lou as a one-person company?


At some point when you grow a business you start chipping away at your profits in order to support your team, and then you have to work extra hard to reach the next milestone. Business owners are also constantly complaining about their human resource problems. If you have no employees, and you are not trying to grow at all costs, you have no problems!

Abby is enjoying working from home, making more than she used to at her corporate job.
Vivian Lou works for her lifestyle and that is all that matters.

Company of One on Smash Notes

Company of One

Building a company that you manage vs building a business that manages you

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