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What is the story about Justin Kan drowning in the Pacific Ocean?


Justin and his wife were spearfishing and diving in the Sonoma County as strong choppy water started to come in. They started trying to get out, but the waves was keeping them in the water to the point of crying for help and getting really tired from staying in the water. Justin thought he was going to die.

Below the Line with James Beshara on Smash Notes

Below the Line with James Beshara

#1 — Justin Kan

Did Chamath let investors down when he completely restructured his VC firm and essentially quit?


Not at all. He took a few billion dollars under management and turned it into a few more billion dollars. He promised returns, and he achieved them. He did not promise anyone that he would be doing this forever. He sums it up like this: "You are fucking welcome!"

Recode Decode, hosted by Kara Swisher on Smash Notes

Recode Decode, hosted by Kara Swisher

Chamath Palihapitiya: People in Silicon Valley are deeply unhappy

How can you turn a startup failure into a success?


While working for his previous company, Austen wrote a few blog posts on growth marketing. Inspired and out of money, he emailed his followers, suggesting that he would turn the blog posts into a book, and put this book on Kickstarter. Soon after, the book raised over $100,000, pulling Austen out of debt.

Y Combinator on Smash Notes

Y Combinator

#120 - Austen Allred

What is the difference between wealth and money?


Wealth is the thing you should really want to acquire. Wealth is a set of assets that earn while you sleep, such as businesses, products, media, robots and computer applications, investments, and land. Wealth does not need you to create more money. Wealth buys you freedom to do what you desire.

Money is how we transfer wealth; it’s the social credits systems which enables you to buy other people's time, and which rewards you, at least in theory, for your effort doing something that our society needs to be done. Money isn’t going to solve all problems, but it’s going to solve the problems which can be solved with money.

Naval on Smash Notes


Seek Wealth, Not Money or Status

Why does David Heinemeier Hansson (@DHH) still go to work now that he is a millionaire ?


Given that neither Jason (co-founder of Basecamp) nor David H. Hansson need to go to work, they should only continue because working brings them joy. DHH could start another company, or start another pursuit, but he chooses not to. Basecamp is a place that allows David to program and Jason to design, and that works for them, on their terms. Same goes for growing the company. If they were to try and get really big, eventually they would hit a point where they would not be able to do their favorite things, and that would not be enjoyable, so why do it?

Rad Dad, hosted by Kirill Zubovsky on Smash Notes

Rad Dad, hosted by Kirill Zubovsky

💾 David Heinemeier Hansson on founding Ruby on Rails and Basecamp, and why it does not have to be crazy at work.

How can I have a meaningful conversation with people?


It is hard to get people to go off script, particularly if they are not speaking in their native language, or trained to speak in front of a microphone. In order to get people to open up and talk about their challenges, you need to be empathetic and sincere. Being an objective and detached observer does not work. You have to get outside of your comfort zone and share your own hopes and fears and insecurities.

Disrupting Japan: Startups and Innovation in Japan on Smash Notes

Disrupting Japan: Startups and Innovation in Japan

How I Made $8,000 per Month Podcasting, and Why You Probably Don’t Want To

Should you go to bed angry?


Yes, go to bed angry. It is very likely you are mad about something trivial and by getting sleep you will get over it and forget it. Also, most people are not good at communicating or receiving critical feedback, nevermind doing it under stress. Your point would be made and considered way better in the morning.

2 Cent Dad Podcast on Smash Notes

2 Cent Dad Podcast

Darius Monsef – Sniper Parent, Entrepreneur

What was the moment that changed everything?


Although there were already professional theme shops for WordPress that were very successful, no one was making themes for videos. One day, Jason create a simple theme and put it for sale. It was so basic, he did not feel like charging more than $5 for it. He put the theme online and went for a walk. By the time he was back, the theme had already sold enough copies to make it rather obvious that he was onto something big. That changed everything and set Jason on the path to eventually selling his company for millions of dollars.

Yo! Podcast on Smash Notes

Yo! Podcast

#004 – Jason Schuller – Product Designer, Founder Leeflets, Co-Founder RIVYT

What is Botox actually doing to your body?


People are paying lots of money for botulism, what does it do? Botox is a neurotoxin and it acts on neuromuscular junctions. Nerves usually send signals to your muscles, but Botox interferes in this communication and the muscle becomes essentially paralyzed. Botox actually permanently kills this neuro-muscular junction, but fortunately it regrows over time. That is why Botox wears of every six months.

This Won't Hurt A Bit on Smash Notes

This Won't Hurt A Bit


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