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Top Podcast Notes on Smash Notes - Week 25

What world is possible in 2030?

All the countries of the United Nations have already set out their goals for 2030 and the ideas is to imagine what is possible and work towards that.

Maternal death and child mortality is definitely on the list. Fixing other health problems is a priority too. Did you know there are still places in the world where children are much shorter than they should be at their age, caused by lack of proper nutrition?

With the climate change, we also need to develop flood and drought resistant seeds to enable farmers to grow more food so the world could feed itself.

What are Justin Kan's favorite things about being a founder?

By now he's spent 14 years starting companies and being an investor. The best thing about being a founder is that it forces you to grow; good things or bad things, you will have to learn. It will get beaten into you, whether you like it or not. That is a tremendous experience. That's like going to a business schools that gives you money to learn; an opportunity of a lifetime!

How much does a billion dollars change your life?

You life is what you make out of it. Making a lot of money does not change your life in a way that you might think it would. It does not give you joy. You might end up sitting at home and playing video games all day, which is not a very good way to spend life, and you don't need money to do that either. In fact, when you are working on something, it gives you a direction, a path to follow, but once you don't have to work anymore, you have to figure out a path, which could be very disorienting.

Is Utah changing under Mormon influence??

The urban demographics are changing, but it is still heavily dominated by Mormon church. However, it used to be perceived as a weird place where Church has a big influence over the state, but it's changing. There are now local breweries, great coffee and restaurants...etc. The community has recognized that in order to bring new blood into the area they would need to adopt and adjust.

Was it hard to be an outsider in Utah?

It turns out that every homogenous society operates on its own set of principles and outsiders are judged on a set of values common to that community.

In San Francisco, founders measure themselves by how much revenue they are making, or how many employees they have. The employees are then viewed through the lense of the company they choose to work for. It is the norm, and it is what people want to hear.

In Utah, people assign different values to their world. Instead of revenue, whether you go to Church, or what your family life is like is more important.

It's neither good or bad, and every community has its problems, but to see the world differently one first has to exit the familier, and attempt to understand the unfamiliar with an open mind.

How can I grow listener numbers for my podcast?

The most effective way to grow is via interactions - find a handful of LinkedIn and Facebook groups and connect with people yearning for your content. Go offline and speak on the topic you cover. Create an email list and let listeners subscribe. Some of your fans might want to be on the list and never listen to the podcast, but they will still engage with your other content.

What does it feel like to have a brand new child?

Time is definitely less. All personal fun projects have to be put on a back burner so that family and work can take priority for a little while. It helps to put any priority tasks on a calendar, to at least keep yourself organized and focused.

How does keeping an enforced routine help when parenting?

Kids are the ones to enforce routine because they need it. As a parent, you’ll have different routines and rituals that will incorporate into your life because you and your family will need sustainability.

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