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In this episode of Founded and Funded, Madrona managing director, Scott Jacobson sits down with serial founder and CEO of Crowd Cow, Joe Heitzeberg. They discuss how Crowd Cow was able to build their own supply chain to elevate a culture of transparent and conscious protein consumption. The two also talk about how, through a global pandemic that has rocked the meat industry, the company was able to build resilience. Give it a listen! Joe’s retelling of how Crowd Cow came to be will not disappoint.

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Updated on July 23

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Steve Long is co-founder at The Travel Brief, a site that gives travelers the ability to share practical tips and guides with others, while documenting their adventures in a meaningful way. Steve plunged into the entrepreneurial world at twenty-four years old when he co-founded a food startup with a childhood friend, which brought in $1.3M in annual revenue in just two years. In this episode of the Failory Podcast, learn more about the hubs he’s created, his experience on Dragon’s Den, and his new passion project.

Updated on June 04

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Pat Walls (@thepatwalls) is the founder of Starter Story, a site interviewing successful entrepreneurs, and Pigeon, a Gmail CRM extension. Prior to this, he co-founded Delite, a SaaS platform for B2B wholesale orders, that would shut down later on. From graduating from UCSB with a degree in economics to learning to code, find out how Pat’s drive for a new challenge led him to his current founder role, in this episode of the Failory Podcast.

Updated on May 10

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Matt Giovanisci (@MattGiovanisci) is the founder of Swim University, the biggest niche site around swimming pool and hot tub care. Matt got into the internet world after learning how to build a website for his indie rock band. Since then, he has spent the last 17 years getting fired and re-hired, building new ventures, launching lots of podcast episodes and setting thousands of affiliate links. In this Failory Podcast, learn from Matt’s entrepreneurial journey and his “overnight success” with Swim University.

Updated on July 28

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Terence Tam (@terencetamau) is the founder of Reflow Hub, a managed marketplace that facilitates mobile device returns, buyback & trade-ins and insurance claims from their vendor partners. In this episode of the Failory Podcast, learn how this driven entrepreneur went from launching an MVP in the food delivery space to having his company ring in as the second fastest-growing company in Australia by the Australian Financial Review's Fast 100 and Fast Starters lists.

Updated on May 06

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Bernard Huang (@bernardjhuang) is the Co-founder at Clearscope, a profitable SaaS product used by companies to get written content performance. He is a driven entrepreneur who has used his creative capabilities to launch many startups, including Mushi Labs, Mosec, and Food By People. On this episode of the Failory Podcast, find out how this once online professional poker player became a co-owner at a Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, and how his life and projects have led him to Co-found Clearscope.

Updated on April 28

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Ryan Hickman (@RyanHickmam) is Co-Founder at Epic AI, a company that helps startup founders with a multitude of AI-based tools, ranging from investor intelligence to decking. Before it, Ryan co-founded MeVee, a video streaming platform that grew to 50k users in 6 weeks and eventually shut down after being unable to compete with Facebook Live. In this episode of the Failory Podcast, learn about Ryan’s thoughts on the idea of first-mover advantage and disadvantages, shiny object syndrome, and his experience with waffles and Alicia Keys.

Updated on May 18

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Buster Benson (@buster) is the founder of 750 Words, a $5/mo journaling tool. He kept it alive for more than a decade while working at Twitter, Slack, Patreon and running and shutting down Health Month, a startup leveraging social gamification to get its users healthy. Learn about his impressive entrepreneurial journey, how he went from liberal arts to tech, and the downsides of raising VC on this episode of the Failory Podcast.

Updated on April 27

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Basecamp has cut back its reliance on Amazon and Google, but there's one area where it's tough to find alternatives to Big Tech: cloud services. Even so, there are ways to cut spending on this $3 million annual expense while keeping the company's apps running smoothly. In this episode, Blake Stoddard on Basecamp's Ops team talks about how he volunteered to look for savings on cloud services and really delivered—to the tune of over a half-million dollars.

Updated on November 21

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