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What are the symptoms of getting botulism naturally?

In case of food-based botulism, it feels just like food poisoning. Very fine muscles will get a small dose of the toxin, causing double-vision, discomfort, and weakness in face muscles.

What are the 3 measurements of how hot it is outside?

There are three ways to measure how hot it is: temperature, heat index (which also take the relative humidity into account), and the Wet Bulb Global Temperature (which also takes into account wind speed and solar radiation).

How has the consumer behavior change with an abundance of code schools?

In a now competitive field like code schools and lessons, people shop around and have more preconceived expectations, especially around pricing. One Month is often asked how they are different from Udemy, and why One Month courses cost more. Chris and Mattan have to constantly defend their value proposition. Meanwhile, in a more niche field, where there's no competition, schools can offer anything and sell it with ease.

What should we educate law enforcement, attorneys, judges, and jurors?

They should be educated on juveniles’ developmental limitations, and how they can play out in a high stakes interrogation. Also, there should be consideration to implement special protection for juveniles.

Why does almost half of the family doctors in the country refuse to see Medicaid patients ?

It's because Medicaid pays less than private insurances. Also, Medicaid patients are shown as more challenging patients. Some show up late for appointments, some don’t speak English, and some have trouble following instructions.

What does a healthy oral microbiome look like?

There is not one specific target state with having a number of microbes to indicate a healthy microbiome. There are infinite numbers of states that could exist. It’s easy to see what disease states usually have in common, which there are over a number of detrimental bacterias.

Why was Startups Anonymous created?

Severson wanted to share stories and ask questions, but he didn’t want to disclose his identity. He began to generate interest from other founders so they could share their stories and insights as well. It gave founders an opportunity and a bigger stage to have their stories shared.

What is a distraction myth?

That smartphones are distracting because of notifications. Although they can be annoying, it’s an overstatement to say that they are the main cause of distractions. As humans, we have the ability to tune them out and focus on our goals.

What makes podcasting the greatest invention of all time?

James Beshara, the host of Below the Line podcast, says that internet has been built for podcasting and podcasting is the Gutenberg press of our time.

James points out that: (1) It is free to record and takes a lot less time than writing. (2) Disseminating a podcast around the world is also free and instantaneous, and you don't even need to know how to read to consume it. (3) Lastly, you get to hear directly from the expert, as soon as the expert's thoughts are available, without an editorial spin by a larger organization.

What made Cindy believe that two college students could start a platform for scientific research ?

When Cindy's little brother, Sean Wu, was able to publish a peer reviewed scientific article in the Journal of Biological Chemistry as an 18 year old, she realized that perhaps one did not need a PhD to make a meaningful difference in science.

Does Kyle still believe "learning" is the most important compensation?

Kyle talks about a blog post he wrote in 2014 about a "high rate of learning" being the highest form of compensation at a startup and whether he still believes that today.

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