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Why Might An Entrepreneur Hide His Struggles From His Family?

Startups are hard and many of the problems are difficult. A founder might feel that by sharing feelings and anxieties they are just extending their fear and anxiety onto their partner. There is nothing the other person can do in order to help the situation, so it is easier to keep the feelings locked up.

Does The Overt Political Correctness And Focus On Diversity Threaten Our Country's Growth?

That's just an old boy's club thinking. People in power would always want to hold on to their power and not want to change, but political correctness and window dressing isn't going to solve anything. Let's figure out how to use innovation to solve our problems by putting money where it matters. It doesn't have to be charity, but use it where it can create the most net impact.

What Did Poetry Reveal To Aja Monet?

During the impact of Hurricane Katrina, she discovered the impact of poetry. Poetry revealed to her that it was a way for people to not only articulate their feelings, but a way to work toward change and do something about it.

Did The Matrix Get Anything Right?

Dr. Berlin says it did. One example is the idea that we could have this whole universe within our minds. Theoretically, we could download something and learn it. It's all in our minds. She even states that we could be living in the Matrix.

Don't We Know Everything There Is To Know About The Birds Already?

The birds, among other animals and simple organisms that neuroscientists study for clues, exhibit complex behaviours that we still don't know how to simulate.

Where Does Joel See Himself In The Next Five Years?

Looking to the future, he hopes to keep growing and building the company and take on personal challenges. Joel wants to focus on product building then company building, and states that when one problem is solved, it's only going to sustain a certain amount of growth within a market before things change. You have to continuously innovate and find new areas where your company can provide value.

How Do You Overcome Anxiety When Starting A Podcast?

Practice makes perfect. Courtland says the podcast was nerve-wracking for him the first time because outside of editing, very little was actually in his control.

Generally speaking, if you are doing an interview style podcast, your audience is going to listen to your guest most of the time, and judge the show by their performance. Your job is to set the guest for success.

How Did Funsize Founders Prepare Their Personal Life For The Birth Of Their Child?

They bought an investment house that could generate passive income, and hired Natalie's parents to be their full-time help. This way the grandparents would feel better about spending quite a lot of time with their grandkid, and the child would have the best care (family) that he could get.

What Was Garry Tan's $200 M Mistake?

Garry shares a story about how he turned down the opportunity to start a company with his friends and Peter Thiel to stay at Microsoft and how that mistake cost him $200M.

Ramin Karminloo On Balancing Parenthood And Performing?

Try to say yes when your kid asks you to play. Even when you are tired and exhausted.

Who And Why Should You Ask For Advice After Your Startup Fails?

Ask people who were involved in your business on sidelines about their vantage point. What do they think went wrong?

Was there any advice they gave you that you did not follow? Was there any information or feelings that weren't shared in due time, which could have helped the situation?

Be open to any honest advice. You have to want to hear their authentic thoughts, not a confirmation of the narrative that you want to believe in.

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