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What Was Paul Berberian's First Contact With Entrepreneurship?

Paul Berberian grew up in Los Angeles, California. His father was an immigrant to the United States, originally from Beirut, Lebanon. He spoke English as his six language and he was the typical American rags-to-riches story; hard-working, running a bunch of little businesses. Paul grew up working for all of his dad's little companies.

They made liniments for professional race horses, sold used pinball machines, had a diner, made hand lotion for emergency medical kits and even made the stuff that numbs your gum before a dentist gives you the novocaine.

They were not great at running those businesses, but they would buy them along with the whole building, and use the business's cash flow to pay for the mortgage, eventually owning a bunch of buildings in Southern California.

How Can We Deal With Anxieties That Come With The Pursuit Of Entrepreneurial Path?

Silicon Valley today is like Florence during the Renaissance, with insane amounts of energy and output. Yet, the battles and crises that humans go through have remained the same.

Matt MacInnis grew up in a small town in Nova Scotia, seeing amazing companies being built in Silicon Valley He wanted to start on. As a result, Matt had spent his 20s agonizing over the pursuit of that outcome, until he had realized that an 18-year-old Matt probably should not set goals for a 35-year-old, and it is okay to change your focus and desires as you gain the wisdom to be rescued from your past.

Clean Vs. Dirty Toilet Seat, Which Is Less Harmful To You?

Surprisingly, the clean seat may have more fecal matter on it than a dirty one. Over time as people sit on the seat, the fecal microbes-- which don't like oxygen-- will die off and be replaced by skin ones that are less damaging to us.

Do Admissions Officers Take Into Consideration A Student's "Fit" At An Institution ?

Yes, definitely. There are many ways to demonstrate fit, which begins well before the application process. Students should go on school tours that they are interested in, attend any events a school hosts in their in local communities, be engaged in a school's social media pages, etc.

Will Price Transparency Solve All The Problems In Health Care?

In most of the developed world, sick people don’t have to worry about money. The price transparency will not solve every problem, but if we knew exactly how much things cost, it could at least help to alleviate our experience with healthcare. We don't know if it works, until we try.

Who Does Strauss See At The Apartment?

From the address he's given, he sees a guy that’s walking out on the balcony, then walking back in. He looks to be in his late 20s with black or dark brown hair. He is said to be around Chris’ height.

What Is Hadley Fraser Doing Now (March 2020)?

Hadley Fraser will be starring in the City of Angels starting March 2020 at the Garrick Theatre.

Were Your Failed Startup Lessons Useful Somehow?

Brandon asks Matt is he applied any of the lessons learned from Spruce's failure into SwimUniversity or other businesses. Matt shares he did on one Wordpress plugin he has built.

Why Did Airbnb Need To Lay People Off Despite A New Round Of Funding?

In the face of the crisis, it was important that Airbnb as a company was going to survive. Although it was so painful for Brian to let go of the people, there were many more employees and customer that depended on Airbnb's future success.

No one knew how long the crisis was going to last, and the new round of funding was simply a bandaid meant to help in transition. It alone was not going help without serious cost-cutting.

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