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Why should founders care about communities ?

Founders need to be thinking on not just how to build a successful business, but how to make a successful community where people feel connected, aligned with the mission, and feel safe. Every company is a community with the intention of growing and driving a profit. Common values, interests, goals, missions are what makes a community, and a community is the future of how businesses will be built.

In a community-driven company, the brand would drive the vision, but the community would come together to collaborate on the product development. If you give your community an opportunity to contribute to your mission and your objective, you can scale up with an incredible pace.

Why did the CEO of Philz Coffee go on a podcast to do customer support?

At one point, Kate Clark, who is a report for Tech Crunch went on Twitter to say - "I hate Philz more than Starbucks. There I said it!" This tweet got linked to Philz Coffee twitter account and eventually escalated to the CEO. Instead of hiding behind a PR department, Jacob Jaber stepped into the conversation, and the idea for a podcast episode was born.

What is the takeaway with online dating?

It doesn’t have to suck. The point isn’t swiping, it’s finding your person. Don’t treat it like a game, and don’t treat it like a resume or review. Instead, use it to source and qualify leads, and then get offline as quickly as possible with a zero date.

What is joy?

Joy is a better thing to aim for than happiness. Joy is not the expansion of the self, it’s the dissolving of the self. It’s a moment where you’re so lost in your work or a cause that you have totally self-forgotten.

How is the information vetted on

There is a team of freelancers and researchers who are well-versed in the industry. All of the information they compile is then reviewed and edited by the website founders.

What aren’t useful things to sell people?

“Get rich quick” schemes because you should want to offer something that really helps people. At the end of the day, you should want to offer people a takeaway of what you’re conveying to help them improve or build their own business.

Who is Charles Koch?

Charles Koch has received three engineering degrees. He is chairman of the board and CEO of Koch Industries Inc., which he has held the position since 1967. The company is one of the largest privately held companies in the world. By revenue, it’s larger than both Boeing and Disney. He has founded and built many organizations throughout his career.

Who are Burt’s biggest supporters?

His mom and his wife. Not once has his wife ever suggested that he should stop doing what he’s doing. Despite the doubts and consideration to focus on another career, Burt’s wife has been his anchor to encourage him to continue his music career.

What's the best way to manage work while having a brand new baby?

"For the 1st 6 months, you're gonna be in reactive mode, like if you're trying to learn a new skill at work. I learned a new muscle. It's like lead an initiative. You're not going to be doing it justice, especially for the 1st 6 months, because you're trying to readjust your own life and figure out who you are. So I think being having a good support network and being realistic about what you're going to be able to accomplish and then also practicing the ways that you're going to need toe work rather than suddenly being blindsided by the fact that you have all these other priorities. There's something I would encourage everyone to do, and I definitely have the support network. But I was I was probably missing the other two in ways I should have had." - Aviel.

Are you making yourself unhappy?

A lot of your own unhappiness is driven by your self image, and what you do to preserve it.

Realize that you have this self image of yourself, how you see yourself in your mind's eye when you think of yourself, honest or dependable, capable or not, quiet or funny or whatever it.

That image is what you are trying to live up to, and that image is also what allows society to hold you hostage because if you're not living up to your self image, that's a leash around your neck.

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