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What can Ryan Hoover teach us about startups?

On this episode of Below the line with James Beshara we get to hear Ryan Hoover of Product Hunt on how to approach idea-testing when looking to start a company. Hint: it's harder than you think.

What is the one most important piece of advice to startups from Cal Henderson?

Early on, optimize for finding product-market fit; nothing else matters. Leverage whatever technology you can to get there faster.

Is the five second rule real Is the food okay to eat?

We’re constantly transferring bacteria between us. Yes, when you drop something, it will pick up bacteria. The question is whether it is harmful. In most cases, the bacteria isn’t harmful for us, so go for it!

What is are practical challenges of storing data in DNA?

By recovering messages to receive the DNA, every time data is retrieved, DNA is lost. Also, sequencing includes error in the DNA.

What are some areas of opportunity for low income communities in need?

Low income communities are one of their biggest challenges. One way of solving these problems is uniting primary care, behavioral health, and social care in a new way that brings a new experiences to people that live in low income communities.

What are priorities when setting boundaries with younger kids ?

It can be done without attacking them, without punishing them, and without "getting back at them" for something they have done wrong. Parents can provide guidance and let it stick without having to be less than loving.

What is the “lid” that Rocky keeps referring to?

He is stating females having vaginal lids, which are actually known as lips. It’s a very closed-open situation of how Rocky thinks of it, and far from what he imagines it to be. Really, nothing changes from its exterior appearance.

How does Rogue Tech determine pricing?

Jeremy says that pricing is client dependent. Since entrepreneurs and startups do not have a lot of money, they are more price sensitive. He says that when it comes to small businesses, it’s a different price and dynamic.

What is the #1 piece of advice for a new entrepreneur?

Figure out your target customer. Before you start building anything, you need to at least have an idea of who wants your product, where to find them, and how to engage them. If you have all that information, then don't wait, call them and start selling your product!

Jeremy usually declines any potential client that does not have a clue about this target customer.

Why did you start working on PodHunt ?

Product Hunt used to have a games, podcasts, and books category. They eventually shut them down to focus on software. Mubs and his friends have been missing the podcast category though, and given the rising popularity of podcasts, it seemed now was a good time to launch PodHunt.

Where can patients find hospitals that offer a Hai Pump surgery?

Michael FitzGerald started a project HaiPump.com which helps cancer patients to find all the hospitals which offer Hai Pump surgery.

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