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Should you follow your passion or chase a market opportunity?

In Jason's experience following his passion led him to success so naturally he is inclined to believe that doing something you are passionate about should increase your long-term chances of finding product-market fits.

Why are the most gruesome posts on Facebook and not with police?

Facebook does turn over videos to law enforcements when the contents are breaking the law. The authorities cannot intervene anymore because even if something is sent to the police, a video or post can be reposted.

What got Will Hatton curious about backpacking?

Will was due to join the Army, but before doing it he decided to do a 10-week physical challenging program in Costa Rica. While out there on a three week hike, he ended up in a hospital. Months of recovery and physical therapy later, he was no longer eligible to join the Army. Unsure what to do, Will took all his savings and moved to India, where the real adventure began.

What is one important aspect when it comes to having a job?

David, the other host, states that having freedom is important to him. He refers to it as having financial independence. He states that you don’t need a million dollars for financial independence– maybe a quarter of it in a big city.

How important is the way we phrase our words?

The way we phrase things, especially across the internet and cultures, can have a positive or a negative impact. How we deliver feedback requires thought and is so important.

What are the steps to have a change in world view?

Question, reflect, and cogitate for 80% of the time. According to Joseph, these may take years to go through, but that’s how you ingrain them into your system. Listening is crucial to help onboard these values in order to bring about a transformation in the ashram. Once you carry out these steps, living them becomes automatic.

How should dads think about scheduling their paternity leave?

Anthony recommends breaking your leave into chunk and not necessarily taking it all upfront.

In their case, Natalie's parents were going to be around to support mom and the baby, so it did not make sense for Anthony to also take time off. Instead, Anthony planned to take a little bit of paternity leave at the beginning, and then more in the later months.

Is Cindy really not a painter I saw her paint some things on her Twitter.?

After this interview, Cindy started drawing and painting every day because she felt she mischaracterized herself. You can find some of her drawings on Twitter. https://twitter.com/cindywu/status/1239248599172542464/photo/1

What is the best way to explain your mistakes to others?

You don't need to explain mistakes. Ownership is an objective measure, so if you've made a mistake, fix it. If you need help fixing it, then figure out a potential solution and talk to someone who can help you, but by all means, don't spend cycles simply complaining about it. No one needs to know. Fix it.

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