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How do you encourage people to do something they are scared to do?

Highest level activity one can have is inspiring other humans to do their best. Massive imposter syndrome often prevents people from taking a leap. In case of Lambda School, many early graduates were great at their work, but they did not feel confident in their new shoes to start applying for jobs right away, so Lambda came up with a few mechanisms to build self-confidence and encourage these folks to leap forward. People don't realize that tech work is in such high demand, they'd get jobs the minute they actually apply.

How can you get a job without any experience in the field?

Back in 1998 Jason Schuller got a webmaster job at Boeing without knowing anything about the web, or at least not being a web designer on paper. He reverse-engineered web pages by inspecting their code and learning from the source, teaching himself how to design and code. At the end, he was able to pitch those skills to Boeing and basically to create a job where one did not exist.

Why are people in Silicon Valley so unhappy?

We have an entire generation of young that grew up in front of their phones, people who don't know how to connect with the real world and how to find happiness. People see the world as they live it, and unhappy people see a world that is overall unhappy.

What is a nibbler?

It is a tool developed in Australia that can be attached to a drill or run as its own free-standing machine. It nibbles its way through sheet metal. Rather, it operates as a jigsaw, but for use with sheet metal.

Who is the Broke Backpacker?

Will Hatton started a site called the Broke Backpacker, essentially a free resource for aspiring adventurers to travel on a budget.

For the longest time he'd been making about $1k a month with it, and had no motivation to grow it. Once meeting his now wife, however, he started growing his other businesses, anywhere he saw opportunity. They needed more money to travel together :)

Now his businesses are making a mere $200,000 every months.

What makes the best blog post?

The blog post that you are struggling to write makes the best blog post when you finally figure it out. It’s because the topic that you’re struggling to learn, someone else will benefit and learn something from your post.

How has listening to podcasts affected Matt’s life?

There are a some things that Matt has changed in his life after listening to podcasts. One is that he stopped drinking tap water and will only drink spring water. He also works at a standing desk, and he feels a lot better when working at one.

How did Harry think through the idea when starting Marketing Examples?

Harry says he was pretty methodical about starting Marketing Examples. He wanted a small humble project that would allow him to leave his job. From there, he could always figure out more ways to grow it.

How should you price a podcast editing service?

Price for the amount of time that you are saving the host. Courtland was immediately sold on Bradley's podcast editing services because it was saving him hours every day.

How can I learn more about this student synthetic biology competition?

Yes! You can join the University of Washington International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) team. There are hundreds of teams across the nation. You can find out more about how to join or start a team at

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