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What is an example difference between a typical education for an eight-year-old and what Ad Astra teaches?

In a traditional school kids might learn about art, it's history, some geography ...etc. Meanwhile, at Ad Astra they would be put to work on a complex project, structured around a purpose. For example, kids would be asked to run a simulation around a business problem of how to make money from a limited collection of art. They would compete with their fellow classmates, optimizing for revenue, planning around various geographical and other constraints. Teaching in such environment takes on a form of a college entrepreneurship class more so than just book knowledge around various facts.

Why go to Church even though you do not believe in the faith?

According to Sahil, Church is an excellent opportunity to meet new people from outside of your circle of friends and interests. When moving to Provo, for example, Sahil was able to meet and befriend the major of the city. Meanwhile, in San Francisco, he did not even know his immediate neighbors.

What are the two kinds of doubt and how do they differ?

Self-doubt and idea doubt. Self-doubt is paralyzing and leaves you to freeze. Idea doubt is energizing and it motivates you to test, experiment, and refine.

How does Aaron balance his family life while being an entrepreneur?

Having a big family was one key motivator on making more money to support them. He balances the two by learning how to deal with the certain amount of stress that is acceptable. Having kids, stress is unavoidable and unrealistic. He believes it’s important to trust that things will work out for the better, and to do the things that feel right.

What happens when Chris and Adea see a movie?

Halfway through the movie, Chris says that his uncle has had a heart attack and is in a hospital in Sacramento. When Chris leaves, Adea notices that her phone is missing again.

How is listening to a podcast different from reading podcast notes?

Yoni says that there's a retention difference. If you’re just reading the notes, it’ll be a different connection with the content versus if you’re the one listening and writing out the notes for the podcasts.

What is an Oura Ring?

Martin is an investor of the Oura Ring company. The ring is an activity tracker and collects data in an easy and passive way. Martin can measure his heart rate variability and sleep quality, which helps him regulate and be aware of the things that he’s doing.

What was the goal of Aspen Entrepreneurs?

Dave started Aspen Entrepreneurs in 2014 to create a center of gravity for Aspen area entrepreneurs. The company started out by inviting entrepreneurs to go to breweries and to talk about the problems they were having.

Can you drink the wine you own?

Yes, you can order and they will ship it to you for any occasion. You own the wine.

How often do you get rejected at startups?

All the time. SmartAsset took 11 months to get their seed round. Out of every 100 meetings you take, 95 of them say outright no, but you have to keep pushing through. This is why having a co-founder that supports you and the vision is so important. At the end of the day, it's just you and your co-founder, against the world.

Can you make money through goodwill ?

Steli tells a story of a taylor who started making face coverings for medical staff during the start of Covid19. He knew doctors and nurses were short on supplies and he had the tools and knowledge to help. Because of his good work, happy recipients sent thank you cards, which in turn helped him to get new business selling masks to local residents. At the end, he did good for the people, and made money for himself.

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