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What does it feel like to have a brand new child?

It might feel overwhelming, and depends on your situation, you might find yourself less than excited about the arrival of your child. Thing you enjoy doing in life, life travel or sleep, might get rudely interrupted and put on hold for a long while. It happens to dads and moms everywhere, causing a lot of emotional problems, but this subject is rarely discussed publicly, and even your friend are unlikely to share until you have a child of your own.

How do you balance work and home life while doing a startup?

Simply because something worked for one person does not mean it would work for another, so you should take any advice with a grain of salt. Luck plays a huge role in startup success too, so you could be working just as hard but at the end it would not work out.

As far as kids are concerned, Bubs has previously explained that he loves spending time with them, but also admits that he was not able to really connect with his kids until they were past one years old. If you are a dad who feels the same, that's okay, you will spend more time with them once they are not little babies.

To make sure your marriage stays successful while with kids, it is important to recognize your partner and perhaps act less selfish, whether or not you feel like you deserve recognition for your valuable contributions to the family life too.

What’s one of the most beneficial moves for a first time founder or beginner in their career to make?

You should always find the right partner and group of people, those that believe in you before the business. They will be with you in the good and bad times because the tough times is when you would need a true partner.

How are arbitrary deadlines harmful?

They are harmful because they betray trust between you and your team. You have to be honest about why the deadline matters and why you care in order to build stronger trust. If you have the choice between a decision and time, choose time.

What are the two key components that are 50/50 in business?

The ability to create and the ability to utilize the scene and network. When jealousy and envy are in the mix, people fail to realize that they can leverage the networking ability.

When it comes to remote work, which tools are the most beneficial to use?

As Hiten puts it, the tools his companies use are simple and the processes they use are thorough. The tools that Hiten’s companies use are ones that are the easiest and most ubiquitous because they are usually ones they are sharing to others who are outside of the company.

Information oriented tools and communication oriented tools are what his companies use, and some of them are all of G Suite and Slack. They have many other tools, but they utilize them when it’s necessary.

Is there a curved opinion when it comes to remote work?

Hiten believes there is. Three or six months in, people will love it less because they are still figuring it out. After those points, they have it figured out and enjoy it more. Either you figure it out or you quit and work in an office. Less people are going back to an office because most companies have an understanding that it’s a great way to work.

Was it clear in early days that Pinterest was onto something big?

Although much like in any early startup is was not yet clear where the product would be, Sahil says it was clear they had a great team, and that was an indication of potential success, and what made Pinterest a great team to join.

How do you gamble without losing money?

Be diligent about only playing with the house money. Start with a small bet, and if you lose, place an even smaller bet. When you win, take the winning money, and use that to continue playing.

How much does it cost to make a music record?

Caspar Babypants records music in his home, and burns his songs on the old-school CDs, costing a grand total of $4 to product an entire album.

He is making more money as a one-man show, playing for parents and their kids, than he did while being the lead singer of The Presidents of the United States of America.

What were the beginnings of Mosec?

Mosec was a phone-based CRM focused on call tracking and notifications. Bernard co-founded it in 2011.

Here he shares how he got into the business and how they raised $70k from startup accelerator Betaspring.

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