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What is the podcasting situation like in Japan?

Most podcasts in Japan are recycled radio shows. You can find good independent shows, but you really have to look for it.

Why do we need sleep for our brain?

Your brain needs adequate sleep to absorb, and to retain new memories. Scientist validated these assumptions by comparing a group of sleep deprived students to a group that got 8 hours of sleep before taking a test. The former had a 40% deficit in their ability to make memories. For some children, this could be the difference between getting an A and failing.

What is covered in this episode of Smash Notes?

Should you drink your own pee? How does pooping work? When is a good time to give up on your startup? What advice to give as a mentor? What does coffee have to do with strong opinions on the internet? All of that, in this episode of Smash Notes.

Music for this episode is provided by a Seattle band called Convent Bonfire.

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What does Scott and Jenny's active lifestyle look like with balancing parenthood ?

Scott and Jenny’s kids love the outdoors and being active. The couple has been able to figure out a way to still infuse their lifestyle into their lives. But, changes have had to be made and they are more restricted on what they can do.

What fuels Jonathan Sposato?

It took him a while to discover this, but helping others is what drives him. Whether personal friends or strangers.

What is Casey Neistat's best career advice?

Casey said that if you don’t know what you want to do in life, spend as much time as you can doing something you absolutely f*cking hate.

Where is the next big podcast opportunity?

India. It is the second largest country in the world that speaks English, which means it is millions and millions of people that can consume already available content, and their consumptions is growing incredibly fast.

How did you start Reflow Hub?

Terence explains how he moved from a food delivery startup to a mobile phone B2B marketplace.

What are the most common content marketing mistakes?

Matt shares some of the things people get wrong around content creation and marketing, after working for +10 years in the industry.

Why did Delite fail?

Pat shares the reasons behind Delite's shutdown. "It was more of a cool idea than a need to have."

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