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What does a healthy oral microbiome look like?

There is not one specific target state with having a number of microbes to indicate a healthy microbiome. There are infinite numbers of states that could exist. It’s easy to see what disease states usually have in common, which there are over a number of detrimental bacterias.

How should a startup approach a social media influencer?

Even if you don’t have money, you can always offer something to make a video better. It has to be a win-win for everyone involved: the audience, creator, and the company.

How does the chapter end?

It ends with the first cliffhanger of the book. Belinda is about to meet Zara with Grigor.

How do you handle negative comments on your blog?

Bloggers can create their own strategies to handle negativity. One host writes out her responses, screenshots them, then deletes them so she doesn’t have to experience the fallout. When responding, educate for the audience, not the one who leaves the negative response. Having a support system is one of the best things for bloggers to have as well.

What are the similarities and differences between listening, writing, and reading as forms of learning ?

Listening can be time consuming and can sometimes be hard to glean all of the key points. Reading can allow someone to move through content more quickly. Writing about content can help cement information.

What happens when a remote team doesn’t document their past work?

Even with a small group with five or 10 people, their process isn’t solid. As the group adds new people, there will be challenges that require more time than what is necessary for the group to get back to a normal flow. The company and work takes longer to ramp up, and more time is needed for the new person to catch on to how the company works.

What caused Kathryn to become interested in fashion?

Kathryn started competing whenever she was 21 and described the competition as an uphill battle in her own mind. She viewed herself as the underdog from Indiana. She was born about 20 minutes from Chicago, and she stated how there wasn’t a huge fashion community nor did she know anyone who was in the industry.

Kathryn purchased top designer products and believed that she could create her own designs while in school. Back then, she hadn’t realized there was a difference between being a shopper and a designer. She was proved of how wrong she was when she was in design school and was told by her teachers to drop out because she wasn’t fit to be a designer.

How can parents help kids to get smarter?

We can encourage our kids to ask the question beyond the obvious, ask the next question.

Even something as mundane as a nail polish application video on YouTube can turn out to be a lesson on fluid-dynamics, if you keep trying to figure out why things exist, and how they work.

What's the best piece of advice Garry has ever received?

Garry shares a piece of advice he received from an early employer of his about not being limited by one job title.

How do you ask famous people for help?

Start small, follow through, and make sure what you ask is extremely narrow. Don't ask them open ended questions, ask something they can respond to right away.

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