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How does sleep deprivation impact our immune system?

If you are not sleeping enough, even as little as only sleeping 4 hours for 1 night, your immune system becomes significantly impacted. The link between lack of sleep and cancer is so strong now, some night-shift jobs are being classified as carcinogens.

What have you learned from failures and letdowns that led to the success of Startup Grind?

Everybody gets a shot on goal, do not give up.

At one point, Derek Anders raised $250,000 for an iPad game, which launched and nobody bought it. He put $250,000 consulting dollars into a social networking product that did not go anywhere. For a while, he could not find a technical co-founder to work with. He did not stop.

It’s not all perfect, but once you create momentum, good things happen to you. Figure out how to survive, stick it out, and you will get your chance. You have to make it work with what you got.

What’s the difference between okay CEOs and great CEOs?

A great CEO will know when to say no, and that’s probably harder than to say yes. It's better to say no to something if the company is not ready for it.

Who are the ideal clients for Fuel to work with ?

Shauna likes to align with companies who see them as partners and not vendors. Companies with a compelling story are easier to sell.

How is one child's necessary vaccination affect the health of other children ?

Tara says that it depends on the state laws of those who are exempted. She says it’s good to know the regulations within a state and school district. With that knowledge, a person should then figure out how to strengthen the laws and make changes if necessary.

What are some of the best motivators to make more money?

It’s important to work to make more money when you and your family need it. Kids are some of the best motivators to make more money.

Will startups make me happy?

Although it might not make you happy, doing a startup might give you something to do, way beyond what you could find in a typical job. Aline Lerner, the founder of Interviewing.io shares her experience.

What is the "10,000 Hour Rule" and is it credible ?

There is this idea that working 10,000 hours on something makes one an expert in that particular area. It is a really seductive idea as it reduces the secrets of success to a simple number.

Although there is no magic to success, and Seth has seen many successful people who've more hours, and many who put in less, they can all agree that purposeful and focused practice does pay off at the end.

What is the environment like when sitting under a swami's teaching at an ashram?

The lifestyle is very simple and very communal. Days are often full from 4am - 9pm. Each day is structured the same including space for quiet moments, tea time, yoga, physical training, study and lecture sessions.

What make for a great designer?

Design is a multi-faceted field with many niche aspects and no common language to describe them all. Being able to focus on your own proficiencies is the key to doing great work that makes you happy.

The best way to understand what would make you happy is to try it all. Some might prefer to stay as individual contributors, some would move into management..etc. To each their own, and that's okay.

Ramin Karminloo on balancing parenthood and performing?

Try to say yes when your kid asks you to play. Even when you are tired and exhausted.

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