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Can You Only Do Your Favorite Things All The Time?

You can get to do your favorite things most of the time, but probably not all of the time. If you are fortunate to be successful in what you do, you would need to have to consciously design your life choices.

How Do You Find Sponsors For Your Podcast?

Figure out who your audience is and then really understand who are the companies that would like to connect with this audience. Who would you feel good about recommending? Start connecting to them via email, in person, or however you can. Talk to them about sponsorship and then you will figure out what they actually want from you. Make it happen.

What’s The Worst Pathogen You Can Get From The Hospital Equipment?

In this particular case the equipment is being transported outside of the hospital and according to Dr. Peg Riley, most of the bacteria and viruses aren’t going to survive. If you are healthy, your microbiome is what is keeping you healthy, smart, and less depressed.

Why Does John Cook Of Geek Wire Love The Media Business ?

He finds it fascinating and loves telling stories and connecting people through those.

What Is The Ultimate Goal Of Science?

The ultimate goal of science it to understand objective reality based on evidence.

How Do Famous People Handle Being Sensitive To Hurt And Exposure?

They work extra hard to cover it up because they don't want to be seen as less.

What Are Tangible Ways To Handle Failure When Running A Business ?

A business owner must put the shame and frustration of failure aside and think critically on how to overcome tough, emergent situations. Integrity and honesty with vendors and employees are necessary. Community is so important.

What Inspired The Creation Of Underwear For The Tomboy X Company ?

Customers were the inspiration. TomboyX was originally a clothing company, but their fanbase requested underwear products, which was their most successful venture. Now, TomboyX IS an underwear company.

Can You Achieve Success If You Don't Have A Strong Network Of Friends Helping You Do It?

Of course, but the amount of of either persistence or luck or timing you have to have to achieve high level of impact without a strong network is a lot higher than if you do have those connections.

Should I Use Rev Or Upwork?

While Upwork might be able to find you a person that does transcriptions, their value add ends there. Meanwhile, Rev guarantees their quality and has an ongoing relationship with their marketplace, specifically focused on the transcription industry.

How Can Good Questions Help Business People Talk To Their Engineers?

If you are a business person, simply by asking the right questions you can understand your team better. For example, you would know why your engineers make decisions the way they do, and choose some options while you choose the others. Listening and asking questions will make your whole organization better.

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