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Having curated over 5,000 different podcast highlights on Smash Notes over the course of last year, I can tell you for a fact that podcasts contain a treasure trove of valuable information. This information is locked up in countless hours of long audio and endless conversations.

For $12,000 per year I am offering you truly unique insights from a place that no one else is looking at yet - podcasts. I will personally review and summarize thousands of podcasts so that you could get the knowledge and insights to find your next unicorn.

This has never been done, and that is exactly why you will be the first to know the information that is not available to anyone else.

With Smash Notes insider access you will find the next Bitcoin before it is big, discover the next Notion before it is on anybody's radar, learn about new markets and see opportunities to breach the existing ones.

For example, if I hear that a company is having some issues, I will let you know. In the episode of Below The Line, Justin Kan alluded to trouble at Atrium six months before it was public, and yet no one knew because they were not paying attention!

When Michael FitzGerald came on his first podcast, he openly shared that his business was uniquely situated to win over a very large market. The VCs who were paying attention immediately sent him a term sheet. Submittable was not even fundraising, and now their Series B was closed in a matter of days!

There is so much opportunity to be discovered in podcasts, it is undelievable! I have listened to hundreds of our of podcast audio last year, and I will personally make sure that you find these insights too. You will get highly curated, targeted insights, specifically developed around startups and investing. One email every week, for one year.

Kirill Zubovsky - Founder of Smash Notes.

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