Aaron Ross, Back Again
2 Cent Dad Podcast

Aaron Ross states that it’s a combination of day-by-day activities to advance the things that he could. You need to have public commitment deadlines, blockout time, and to keep at it until it is done. You also come back to the realization that parenting is messy. His family doesn’t just talk about things, they do them.

Ross states that there is a seed of nature in kids, but the nurture part is incredibly impactful for them. Nurture makes such a huge difference in children’s lives. It’s important for parents to teach their kids about balance.

When parents feel guilty or discouraged about not doing the jobs they think they should, it can motivate parents to become better parents for their kids.

Things get a lot harder for the first couple years after having children. You have to invest in your own relationship. Making more money is one key that improved Ross’ relationships. Also, he and his wife set a once a week date night rule to keep the love and romance alive.

You have to ask yourself if you’re avoiding your family by working more. Also, find out what you’re trying to accomplish and determine your reasons for working more to see how important those things really are compared to your family values.

Ross describes chaos as the messy rooms. It takes too much work to spend all this time to clean. You have to pick your battles. In order to control it, Ross’ family has systems and plans to follow in order to maintain their own normal life.

Ross uses the example of chore time for his kids. He states that when the boundaries are too open ended, the kids becomes lost and confused. If they make them too by the book, they become unmanageable.

They should try to be consistent in their actions when it comes to their family, choices, and values.

Some kids need more discipline or love, so their parents will try to balance the two for their kids.

It’s important to work to make more money when you and your family need it. Kids are some of the best motivators to make more money.

For Ross, he likes to do things with partners because he had more accountability. He states that it’s difficult for him to do stuff alone. Another benefit is him nailing his niche. You can find a way to re-enjoy experiences and your expertise.

Don’t forget to make more money, keep looking out for ways to make more money, and don't put things off. Focus on what you’re best at as a starting point because you can make it exciting.

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