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Aaron Ross, Back Again

2 Cent Dad Podcast podcast.

July 18

Aaron Ross joins us for his second interview on the podcast. Aaron is a father of nine children, an author, a businessman, and speaker. In our conversation, Aaron talks about adaptability is essential to everyday life, but also how he uses systems to contain the chaos.

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way. Welcome to the to set dad podcast, where we interviewed dads to discuss their journeys of intentional fatherhood while doing work they care about and living a life purpose. I'm your host, Mike Su DIC. So here we're chatting with Aaron Ross, who is the CEO of predictable revenue dot com, also author of From Impossible to Inevitable. Which Has he? We were just talking about the next edition that's coming out highly successful coach to high growth companies but really cut his teeth building the sales team at salesforce dot com. But the reason that's great. And, yeah, you're successful, Aaron. But the biggest reason you are in the two said Dad podcast is because your father of nine, Um and that's,

Ah, that's a multi blended family. You know, you have your your wife had kids prior to your marriage, and then you and then you guys adopted and had some of your own. Our kids. So So thanks for being on the show.


Yeah, we got a little bit everything. It's like a potpourri or gumbo. Um, I'm not sure it's kind like when you take the monopoly board at the end of the game, you dumped everything into the box at the same time. It all gets mixed up. That's pretty much


our family. Yeah, And you just start your doing a couple of these parenting videos on Linked In which I love because they were completely unscripted there, you know, messy parenting, if you will. Like, we're talking about earlier, before we hit record, you know, your hair being messy and whatever, but the if someone's hearing this, you know, And as I think about in watching this video on, do all the things you've done is like, How the heck do you do that? Um,

maybe you could talk a little bit about just kind of your world and how you guys manage the chaos. The reason I ask, I'll say the reason I ask is because you mentioned systems in some of your videos. You mentioned kind of habits and different things. So maybe just if someone's like, how do you do it? Like, what do you say to them? You know?


Oh, yeah. No. If I went back and by the numbers, um, I don't know exactly what they would be, but so I got married eight years ago, and I had zero kids done. So went from 0 to 9 kids, really, in six or seven years, because the youngest one is two on. During that time, I wrote and published three or three or four books. 1/4 book is like a kid's book is more of a fun project, My son. Let's call 33 business books,

um, grew my income from 72,000 year tau 720,000 plus 100,000 year. Um, you know, I'm sure there's some other ones, but then we started bits of group business from You know that, too, if you there's a business, a few $1,000,000. So, um, you know, I think a lot of it comes down to is and people say, like, How do you do it? I do so much and not say I'm not really sure.

I think someone should follow me around. But there's this combination of eyes. It's day by day, trying Thio advance things when I can. So, for example, like if I'm gonna do a new book by doing a new book is a big project that was a big project, and the only way I was able to new book on top of having a big family and everything else going on was because first I committed to I told people about it. I've told people I was gonna do this new book, including it simply got a partner with it. Or Jason Jason Lincoln from SAS Ter and then a publisher. You know, by the way, don't need a publisher this time. Just want to try one publisher. So sort of partners.

Dates announced, and then I had to do it. Um, but a lot of it comes down to, for example, um, for the new book, Just talking about that because we go off in different directions was then creating, blocking out time on Wednesdays too, right? Like maybe even a couple. I think I blocked out. Everyone stay. I didn't get to a mall like twice a month. I might have gotten down and build, sit down and write on some of that was taking,

You know, Jason had some things contribute and creates anything, took some other things, and if it took a couple of years probably over to do a whole new book, But the only way on top of being so busy and so tired because when we have babies and interview who have recently have a recently have babies know that Oh my God, you know, you just all over. You need one person on the baby and full time one person for everything else. So on top of that, it was really just had to have public commitment deadlines in block out time and just to keep at it till it was done and get it over years. That just adds up. Um, there's separate things we did to make money, like to grow my income. They're separate things. We d'oh to kind of create shore systems and allow a systems calendar ring.

I mean, the bottom line is like nothing. Whatever works, everything's always changing, which is just so it takes a lot of energy to create a system. But then the system never sticks. Seems to stick around for that long. So tour systems always kind of evolving, allow the system's always evolved everybody no changes. The calendar is always like constantly changing. So, um, ultimately there's a lot of steps and we can talk about like techniques and systems and things that do work and have worked for me. But also there's this realization that I guess going back, that's an idea. Parenting is messy,

whatever people project to the outside world, whether it's me or any kind of anybody. But it's like a parenting guru. I think most parenting people who write books, parents or parenting guru is gonna make it feel like, Oh, there's this really nice, clean, simple, effective way to great raise great Children. Um, and I think it's more common now for a lot of other parents and gurus who are more honest, which is Wow. There's lots of things that work here great and lots of things that just fail all the time. And this allows time. That's just sucks.

It's really hard, because that's the truth. Sometimes it's amazing. Sometimes it is really difficult, traumatic. Even. That's the reality of parenting. It's messy.


But at the same time, I think sometimes people take that to the extreme and say like the nature versus nurture type thing. You know, it's like, Well, I just My kids were this way or not this way it's like, Yeah, but you still gotta work at it. You think I mean, I hear what you're saying, I agree with what you're saying, but


yeah, well, there's definitely a seed of nature and kids, but the nurture part is incredibly impact. Boy. It means probably. And if it's 50 50 but life, whether it's behavior, um, I mean, we look, we have we've adopted teenagers way. Have teenagers from, uh, you know, kind of bio teenagers come by. There's bio kids,

a doctor kid's got some bio kids and teenagers and younger. We've got adopted kids and teenagers and younger have adopted. So we adopted a baby from birth who came from Mom who's on drugs. We adopted a four year old boy from China. We adopted 2 16 year olds, one from China, one from East L. A. Um, well, we've kind of see we've always variety. And for sure there is probably there's things that kind of nature people are born with, but generally at least his kids. Most of the impact that you see while their kids that may change while they're adults with nature may come out later. I mean, nature is present,

but the nurturer iss so it's such a huge difference again, Just looking adopted kids who, whether their mom was on drugs or whether they didn't have parents when they're young versus other kids who may have gone through a divorce. And I like you, Are you having an enormous, enormous impact as a parent on your child? Whether whether you have a parenting style that's kind of a little more forceful, like a little bit more of a bully style? I don't want to say that bad away cause you know, or apparently style is more of a pleaser style because people think falling in both camps. I'm a little more. Please. You're my wife's different time. We kind of try to blend, has a really big impact on your kids and whether you can feel good about that or not because of his parents, we I think it's really important to balance.

Hey, there's everyone feels parenting guilts, right? The fellow. The things you could've should've would've, um, I think, and if you didn't feel that in some way around, then you wouldn't feel anything being a parent. But to balance that out with hears all these great things you do dio um and there's this other weird thing, because I do think that ironically, when parents part of what? Maybe it's interesting to this pier doctors. It might be that when parents are hard on themselves, when you're kind of guilty about not doing the job, you think you should does that actually motivate you to become a better parent?

Like, are you a better parent? Because you don't feel like you're a good parent? And so you're kind of you really Push yourself. Mmm. I also think so. I think so, too. Can be. Don't have any can be can be. I think my, my, my my wife and I are better parents at least because again, we don't feel like way See all the things we don't do Well, um, and we keep trying to do better as parents for that.

How do you keep your marriage aligned while balancing work and family time?

Things get a lot harder for the first couple years after having children. You have to invest in your own relationship. Making more money is one key that improved Ross’ relationships. Also, he and his wife set a once a week date night rule to keep the love and romance alive.

So how do you guys stay aligned, like with date nights and stuff like that? It does work on your marriage to in the midst of all that.


Yeah, because I think people don't realize obviously, when you have baby, you get married, you have babies. Things get a lot harder for a least a couple of years. And I know I've seen this in studies. I think show this is that people are unhappier during parts. We have kids, there's different faces. Yet you're unhappier in general. And I think having, for example, like a newborn is extra exhausting on everybody's. That makes it even more burden on the relationship. And by then, you probably got past the honeymoon period.

We're in the period of like, Okay, you know, we're we're basically roommates. Kind is the baseline, and then we need to work at creating the romantic part in love part like it takes an investment. You have to invest in your relationship. So if I go back to, um, I think one of the things has been really, really important. And I think one of the number one might have been making a lot more money because that just sets the stage for so many other things here to enable our family to get by with less stress. We spent a lot of money. So one of the most important things in making their relationship work to is making more money because if you can't pay your bills, everything is so much harder. Um,

and in the relief in my wife and I too, like we have as regular as we can. And it kind of comes and goes depending on life. Ah, once a week date night. And that's something we've done for years. And I think when we weren't doing it or when we aren't doing it, we can tell it's more that roommate feeling around. We're just There's your best busting. Our ass is well left, right and center, all right. And I have I have a business I help run. Um, I'm very active, his father.

I mean, I drive. People have kids, homework, everything. I mean, I work at the business pilot 20 hours, 20 hours a week and everything else and just constantly fought that. Being dead, my wife is right. She wrote a play that's going up in Edinburgh Fringe Festival so she doesn't have a job job, but she has her own work. So have the nine kids, and both have kind of jobs, and she's busier than I am. Honestly,

um, it's it's chaos and sometimes it's smoother and sometimes it's just really too much to handle, So this kind of pendulum that goes back and forth, But I think really focusing on making more money is very key and part of that would I reconcile at some point was when I'm when I'm working to make money or if I travel to make money Um, because I feel like, Wow, I'm not with the family. But, you know, that really is family time. When you're working to support the family, that's still family time. I do think I'm sure a lot of people who work work more than that, because sometimes I mean, it can be a way to stay if your family life is difficult at home. Yeah,

I could see why you might want to take the office longer kind of own avoidance. So I think you want to be careful. Hey, are you avoiding family by staying by working more? Um, and one of the reasons you're working and what are you trying to accomplish? This is just that is important. So that that has been key kind of date nights and ways to keep some of the romance and, uh, you know, love alive between us. Because again, uh oh, my God, it's just so easy to let that go. It's important,

but urgent E. I think we do. We do a really good job at it. Of course, there's always better, but we do a really good job with that. And another piece is just the trying to have some systems in place because tryingto create everything from scratch all the time, whether it's like money or chores or, uh, calendar ring is just too. It's impossible. Some of the kind of the big things that we that we d'oh to try to keep as much as we can keep things on track. But I mean, there's constant chaos. It is managed chaos. Tha I don't ever tryto make it appear that that's not what it is, because this, especially lots of little kids,


isn't part of it. Learning Thio kind of accept the chaos and say It's going to be something that's like a new normal to some degree. I mean, obviously this system's mitigate the chaos. But I think as I think about conversations I've had with as A as dads have had their second, maybe third or fourth or whatever. You're going to those periods of newborn and it just kind of gets more busy. You know, the kids get older, they're getting in activities and stuff. It's kind of like OK, this is kind of a new normal, and sometimes it's hard to adjust. And your spouse and you may be adjusted different periods or take different things. Different steps to adjust. Um, so maybe you could speak to that a little bit of like you kind of just got except that it's chaos and that's a hump. You got to get over.


Yeah, it's kind of like the messy rooms, right? You just you can't. It takes too much work, too. Could happen clean all the time. You're not single. I mean, should you have, like, a real cleaning once? No. Well, yes, you know. Is it worth it?

Tried to it every day. I don't think so. It's just you gotta pick your battles. And I think that some people are better or open more naturally. Okay, with chaos and others, there's this blend. I mean, even with our family, what we try to do is have and I say, try because there's not happen. Of course, that's like so much of this is have some systems in place where we have plans, like whether it's running and chores, school schedules, and we realize,

you know, a lot of times or some random doctor's appointment or kid gets sick or hurt or something gets forgotten. Like this morning. My wife for gots and of the school stuff I've had to run it down and it Dan, you know what? He's gotta go with the flow I could have got if I was gonna have to be late for a call. I could have gotten frustrated, accepting like whatever I just want it down would be a bit late. And so it's being able to be adapted. It's really like being adaptable and then, But even in the cast is thinking through, you know where our wares, they're just store Too much chaos we don't need because having some structure mean kids really need it. Everyone needs tea. In this case, at least one big family,

um, like with our chore system. It really it works well because in the past, like here's one of them, I'll give you the specific example. Like a few years ago, we had tours where, like that we have, we had four teenagers in the house. Right now we have three because one out of the house, um, and they would all have to help clean the kitchen after dinner and they didn't really have a job to sign. So there's a bit of chaos, and I were just complaining on who is doing what, Like you're not doing this. I'm doing that.

So then we assigned from personal have dishes. One person would have liked the floor and that made it better. People still hated chores, and by the way, they always take yours. We I think at first we kind of cared. Now, I don't care of like what? I don't win. Only we'll say this. But I think we do. I don't really care if you like the tour or not. I don't care if you hate it, but it's gotta get done. So you're gonna do it? Yeah.

And I'm not gonna try to make you like it, cause it's impossible. And I'm not. I don't have the energy for that. It's not gonna work. So, um, you just just gonna that's it is what it is. And if you don't do it, then there's consequences. Like you don't get your allowance or, you know your phone gets turned off for the set, the other so they


life lesson in and of itself. It's like, Yeah, I don't like to work all time, you know, I don't like to do things. Sometimes It's like, That's just like you do


it. Yeah. There's some things some things just got to dio whether you like it or not. We want you to have fun when you can, but there's some things that you just have to do whether you want to or not. And that is what it is. So and Georgia one. So then, um another? They didn't like it. Uh, I think cause they didn't like it open ended at some point. Then we made it so that presumably knew that a specific start time and stopped stopped time. So that made that end up being, you know, enough structure for them. So they even that didn't like to do it.

It was more less a bit less frustrating, So it kind of unhappy be medium between They weren't gonna be on forever helping with bedtime. This they had a start time stop time. They knew their job, they knew their place. And we knew what they were supposed to do when so that ended up being this evolution. How much structure was a good fit between the two was too open ended. They got they were just kind of lost. Confused. Um, if we made it to buy the book, it becomes unmanageable. Like, for example, when we've tried to do a little lists, like in the morning.

Here's the six things to do, right. You feed the dogs and like that, you know, people just it's a it takes too much, and I'm taking too much energy to try to go back to the list. Like, Did you do all the list like it was? Wasn't micromanaging was just too much structure became unmanageable because it took too much energy. Parental energy, too, you know, to do it all the time. Um, I told the kids I was like, really tired and sick.

Few weeks ago, it was like kids, we need some help. Like honest. I'm I'm tired of wiping everyone's ass is I'm actually physically wiping young kids acids and metaphorically wiping big kid's ass is because you're not doing your homework. Um, because even on homework, with a couple of teenagers doing home schooling just for this year, they're gonna go to boarding school next year like, if I don't. If I'm not on, um um, pretty much every day they they procrastinate because there, whether it's their brains, haven't figured out, you have to have it done by the certain date.

And by the way, for example, one of them, that's 14. He wants to go to Hawaii with his friends in July like Okay, you have to have your schooling them before you could go to Hawaii. If you don't have it done, you need an extra week to finish it. Then you can go a week late if it's not done etcetera. But it's too far out for him to really click so well. You know what really works typically is like a day by day. It's still really mostly day by day, like this is what you need to do today. And that takes a lot of energy on me. Yeah, on top of everything else. So I think it's kind of we're finding always finding this ideally happy medium between what the parent needs family needs, and kids need to have things to keep moving forward relatively smoothly, with the fewest number of crashes possible.


So when does that? When do those discussions happened. Is that between you and your wife? Because they're doing that on date night Or you just, like, kind of ad hoc, like, Hey, this is what happened or just kind of observing it, Like maybe talk me through how you guys air iterating, so to speak on some of that.


Yeah, it's a little bit here. You know something? I think usually my wife and I at this point will I'll come up with that short allowance systems. Sometimes she were. Guess which is off right now. I'm gonna managing, touring, allowing systems on, and I kind of let her know. Hey, this is what I'm thinking. And do you think this makes sense now? Of course, we have the one time a week we had a leaf blower, sir. That's how it works out.

Yeah, Yeah. Again. Roll just going flow. That's right. Just like it's all the same old thing. We stuff. He's blowing the leaves off my I'm proud. I actually put together a little knife throwing range. I


saw that in one of the videos. Yeah. What, like that


in the show? Notes? Yeah, hatchet or knife throwing. And you know, that's been really fun. Um, so I went back to when You know, things I've tried, I would love to have, like, a regular Friday afternoon, two o'clock to three o'clock meeting between myself and the teenagers have been talking about this and then you just seems like, Okay, let's do it. And then that front, the first Friday doctor's appointment comes up at the next Friday.

There's some other thing that Mike Oh my God. And then by then I'm kind of given up and forgot about it. Yeah, so but actually, even now, talking about I got to go back. I really want to do that. Um says it's important. And that's one of the challenges with big families is just those that chaos. And I would love to have that regular, you know, like a weekly meal plans if you don't have to figure out dinner all the time. And, um, like that sir family meeting on Fridays, and it always seems like it's just out of reach.

Saddle reach, but it little bit on the fly. My wife and I, we tend t try not to talk about family business while we're out on a date. We might do it in the car, but then we got to stop it. Yeah, sometimes we do work dates. So, like, there's, ah, people, and sometimes our romance or romantic date turns into We were gonna go out come Magic Monday one day, and we were gonna go out to dinner. And so and then we should do some Mikey a shopping for her play.

So enough doing AKI shopping, Which knows that's fun. And then dinner. So again it had toe go with the flow and which was important, had to get done.


But, I mean, with nine kids, like if you you could have some boundaries and sometimes those flecks. But, I mean, those dates could turn into talking about each one of the kids, like the whole time, you know? Now we gotta work on our on our relationship a little bit here.


Yeah, because like everyone like h kid has their things. They're doing well within challenges. Like, you know, one kid can't sleep outside the house. Another kid is struggling with, like, wait in body image issues. Another kid. I was bored at school and me could go on forever about that stuff. Can you can. You can steal all the attention away from that romantic relationship that is so important just for I mean, there's lots of times where for me sometimes the only things that look forward to because the data there are times where, like the day today, such a so overwhelming that from one thing to the next, sometimes it's easier to have some time to breathe.

A lot of times I don't comes and goes, Um, but sometimes there's like days were the only guy Okay, if I can get to bed and then I'm looking for a fight, get to bed, then tomorrow can have, like my coffee treat because that's something with 40 or then two days from now, can we have our date? Or, you know, this kind of little things that can look forward to during this hard day's worse thing. I'm just trying to get through the day, and then I might might be hard that day because getting schedule wise maybe because I couldn't sleep the night before. Um, you know, sometimes,

like a couple weeks ago, one of our kids three year old has just been coughing a lot at night. So, uh, At least all the kids are sleeping through the night. Now we don't have any babies, but sometimes, you know, like people coughing at night. So there's so many factors that can go into, um, you know, uncontrollable factors that defined my days are days And, like, one of the things I I struggle with is like, I have all the pieces in front of me to have.

I basically have this amazing, amazing life. I love my kids even when I want to strangle him, we still love him. Um, saved My wife would say if parents who says they never wanna strangle their kids just lying


there in denial?


Exactly. You know, and spouses to probably, um we saw this 20 video years ago, and somebody interviewed like people have been married for 50 years, and one of these really old couples was like, Would we ever get divorced? Divorce. Never murder, Maybe. Yeah, that's that's yeah, I have, like the woman I'm married to the woman of my dreams. I've got, like, amazing kids and a great business.

And, um and you know, with Maur stuff means there's also more things that can go wrong across right So for me, a lot of this is that, um can these practices that don't happen automatically that take energy and new building new habits like whether it's you call gratitude or just appreciation and reminding myself of Here's all the things going Well, um, because there's so many problems in my face every day because that's kind of what we need, especially entrepreneurs. You, by nature, you're kind of dealing with problems. You're solving problems all the time. That's like your job. So by you're always facing problems, dealing problems. Um,

and you know, as a parent is a bit different. You're it's little more balanced, but sometimes the problems have more emotional weight. Like when you're again. A teenager has, um, you know, kind of like a sleeping issue or ah, body issues. Or maybe there's like a younger kid like a learning disability. We don't know if we do, there might be one that I have something, you know. It's a lot. You just kind of get used to it.

To least we I've gotten used to it over time, like it's a new normal. Like you said, Yeah, you know, nine kids. I think when I would have had two kids, three kids. It would have been a huge number, but it just seems normal now. And I love it. It's, um I love having a big family. It really d'oh! Um And plus removing the hook families Scotland this year. Wow. You know, we don't have enough to dio.


Yeah, why not write countries for a year? What do you guys doing


there? Uh, no, we want to live there permanently. OK, we had been to Scotland's A family and my wife event We've been there is the family a lot and we just love that we want to move there We were looking actually northeast us as well. We're going to be simply just more like we live in Los Angeles now West side and it's nice, but I want something different. Little more. Um no Scattered kind of closer to nature. Different feel In Edinburgh, we just landed his loved and bro The city love the Isle of Skye. It's not family friendly. It's kind of like mountainous and remote agree for vacation, family vacation, But so in Edinburgh and which were in the process, hopefully hearing about like things like house and visa.

And, uh, yeah, we haven't gotten to things like taxes and health care, these other factors, But, you know, it's one thing at a time, but I think that's one thing that does define redefine going. You're going back, he originally asked. How do we do it? How do I do it? And I do think that one of the things that defines that us and what happens as we say We don't just talk about things. We do things, people.

We can't have people talked about adoption. We've we have adopted. We wish people would doom or how many people talk about starting a business. Talk about Janey jobs. Talk about moving countries, talk about this, talk about that and we just do it and whether it feels easier possible or not. So that's something that I think from what I've seen around is different about us, and I will, but crazy that way.


I like that. And I think that's that's really interesting and actually just had, um, Dan Martel on the show. I'm sure you know one thinks he was big on was like family values and like like you would craft core values for a business. They have values or things that describe Martel's. You know, he's like Martel's air hardworking. I remember all of them, but he's like Martel's. Our acts are blank And, um, do you guys do any of that? Is there like And he was like, You know, they're crafting that. He's saying why we do it.

He does it for the companies he advises like that they do these and you do it for company. Why would you not do it for a family? And I was intrigued by that because I think it kind of calls you to a They hold you to a standard. But then it crafts Your identity is like a family, so


yeah, do that make so much fucking sense? But now we don't do any of that. That's like on the nice to have list on our But


you do it and I hear you say you do it in action, but you don't necessarily downwards,


right? Right. So


someone if 20 kids were asked like, you know, tell me to describe kind of your parents or to describe your family in adjectives or in phrases they get bright craft. Some of those but that was interesting to think about, like actually crafting them and like discussing them as a family is like, Yeah, that's that's a good idea.


Yeah, And I've seen, you know, books and stuff, and I know it does sound great. I like that idea. I feel like we can start that are tempted. But years ago and, uh, I don't know. I'm just I'm not there. I do think that for thine is very different because there's for teenagers. It's a little more realistic. Um, a little kid's nuts. Maybe. Kids are so different,

you know, like and all the kids are so different. So in everyone's families were so different. So a lot of families could try. You can. You can try it like everything else. Like most parenting books, I haven't read for a while, but parenting books most have never worked for me. There were some idea. Some ideas I feel like maybe reach like the one called 123 You know, kind of like the magic phrase. 123 Which is true for indiscipline. Um, we use that a bit, but so many ideas don't work.

Copy. Copy. Paste doesn't work. Copy. Paste never works Rose for us. So if there was some good idea, um, you know, it just takes so much generation to make it work. And I don't think other families were like that or not. But again, this is a kind of idea, which I think it's actually really good idea. I have no idea how we would do it here. Um, unless thing we wouldn't.

But like, what I can tell you is the idea of Hey, listen, Dina Kraft values and, like, I don't work. But maybe there is some other way to bring some and yeah, I'll sounds great. Maybe we'll do some like that someday. I think that what our kids, your pride describe Yeah, the way that we act, we try to be consistent. Not could probably say that we're you know, this is a family like we're a crazy family, right?

We're kind of this crazy family. So crazy comes up a lot. We're late. A lot. People are late a lot, Um, fun. A lot of fun. So we have a cure to see, You know how our kids would describe it. Actually, I might do that. That would be interesting for us to just hey, this asthma kids. However what, somewhere Do you just describe either the family or or your parents?

Yeah, Abby, it's just interesting. I mean, that they would mean anything, but well, it would be interesting.


It's interesting, because even with values you think about from a company perspective, you can you can paste a value on the wall that doesn't really mean anything. Typically, you're embracing behavior that you already have to some degree, right? Or you're just you're just labeling it, which is exactly what you're talking about like this what they would say. So it's like, Okay, let's just go full force behind that, you know, And it doesn't change necessarily a lot, but it might just bring it to light to enforce that, you know?


Yeah, kind of reinforce the or the good stuff that you want to reinforce. And you were innocent of the things that maybe you I don't want as much. Um, so yeah, interesting. I don't get I think there's this. I get that from a lot of blog's and books. There's this kind of picture of Hey, there's these perfectly you know, these well run families and they probably exists out there, but that's not ours. So


but that's part. I mean, it's like embracing the chaos and being multiple. Yeah,


you know. Yeah, but we know we get by action, are ours is well, run in the sense that things work and we have systems. It's not, uh, this image of while there's this clean and well organized machine. Yeah, that's that's not true. Like we definitely run the family, um, and things. That's where a lot of the leadership it is like being an entrepreneur. Richard, just ring herding cats and randomly dogs. And like you,

you need systems and I am in the morning. It's great if people, uh, you know, have fun complaint, get ready for school. But if they can't see, you know, kind of have to come down hard on people. So in some kids were a lot more, you know, quicker to do things and have more fun. Some kids are more obstinate. So one thing we get a lot is well, you know, they all want things.

To be fair, we have a teenager who keeps saying that's not fair. That's not fair. Why I want her to, I should correct her saying, Well, you're not fair. Means both people kind of get the same treatment. What you're saying is that you don't want to do more than someone else. You don't want to be fair. You don't want to do you just want to do lesson of the people or lesser equal or less as long as you don't doom or than you're happy. So don't call it fair call that you were trying to look out for your own self interest. And let's just call it is, uh, you still gonna have to do the dishes like however you want to claim your have your cry of freedom this emancipation and you still got to do the chores. You gotta d'oh!

Yeah, and by the way, yes, I will help you with your homework are all you know, We want a It's Finally, some kids need more discipline in more love, and you're trying to bounce both. So I think my wife is really good about that too, so

What are some of the best motivators to make more money?

It’s important to work to make more money when you and your family need it. Kids are some of the best motivators to make more money.

Well, thanks. Thanks for your time. And you got it. What? Anything else you want to add to that, uh, anything we didn't cover in this interview?


Um, I probably say you no want going back to how? Because money is so important and we definitely touched on that. But I would say that it's okay. It's important to work to make more money when you need it. In a family, it's and more than ever, um and I think back when I got married and we had our first baby and I remember there's a moment where you're like, Oh, shit, I gotta make more money. And that's when I really start powered into making more money. Um, I had to do it so they kids could be for me. They were they were in arm. Incredible. The best motivator to make more money.

And, yeah, it's easy to get into motive. Like, uh, like, I almost feel so expensive and like, kind of this. You do want to manage expenses. We don't do a good job of that. But, um, I think I don't focus. You can whatever you're doing to kind of manage expenses and budgets. Um, don't forget to really focus on how do you make more money?

Because usually you can Major may not happen quickly, but you gotta grow your top line two and for me, the couple of the things that really made a big difference were finding a partner. And I do. I just do lots of things with partners. So because then I have more accountability, had someone to kind of do stuff with. It's just hard to do things alone, please, for me and I nailed my nish. This is niche, which was this is the first part of the whole from Impossible to an inevitable book is about nailing a niche. And so just my quick story was, um, after working salesforce dot com, I just kind of did some different things.

I did something. Call it crazy that called You need genius like kind of personal coaching Had I make more money to enjoyment CEO flow, which is how to turn your employees than many CEOs and answering sales consulting. It was like I don't want to do sales consulting anymore. It's kind of boring. I really want to do this, you know, in the evening, Tina's just see your flow. But when it came down to I had when I had to make more money, I went back to The thing is that was easy to make money out, which was sales. Consulting are predictable revenue, predictable revenue dot com company. And I think a lot of times when we have been doing, we've become,

You know, an expert in our work would be doing the same work for a long time in one hand. Jackie, I want to make more money, but I'm kind of tired What I'm doing on your something new to make more money at like, um and yet so you kind of, uh now is he throw away, but discard your strengths, and I would encourage you to go back to what do you best that whether you feel like you want to do it or not, what do you best at what people want from you? That's the sort of the most valuable to them what you known for and start there. Because that's gonna be the easiest place usually to make more money from and you can always find ways to re enjoy that experience, expertise, and making more money at it is enjoyable. Reshaping it. Uh,

you know, I actually really enjoy sales consulting. I over the years I started, we did because I was making my money at it. I kind of reshaped it. I took a new approach at it. So, um, you refocus on your strengths is is a place to make more money. And in that case, that's why I called nailing an easy It's like, What's your specialty? Um, yeah, my mom. One more strike is my mom.

This was 70 and she done gardening for years, and she was thinking about what she need to make more money shows huge IRS debts. Uh, and she didn't want to create his travel agency because she loved travel to rage, you know, some kind of travel to Earth thing. And it was really hard, and she started to scratch. So at some point, you went back to her gardening shed like a small hobby selling flowers and bulbs she done for 20 years or 30 years, like a mail order on. And, you know, over the last five, for six years, she starts selling on Amazon,

and someone, um, she had a national feel, like more than a $1,000,000 a year gross off on hammers on. Yeah, because you went back to you know, the things she knew best. It wasn't the most exciting at the time, but she knew it the best, and then she made it exciting. It's a lot of hard work is it's a lot of physical inventory, like but Mom, she's in her seventies. She's you never too late. So that's where I would say, Don't just to,

you know, make don't forget to make more money and look for ways. It may not happen quickly. It might be months or years, but don't put it off is the way it's awaiting. You can help support your family, makes everything easier and focus on what you're best at is a starting point. Don't throw that away just because you're tired of it. I've been doing it too long. It doesn't feel exciting. You can find ways to make it exciting.


Well, that's a good way to end it. Thank you so much for your time and predictable revenue dot com and look for his book, which is coming out with a second


edition. When does that come out? Uh, June 4th is available, so yeah, from impossible dot com, it's on Amazon. It'll be a There's a landing. There's a page from Impossible from pot from impossible to inevitable is the book from impossible. Dot com is a


well site for awesome, and we think that all up in the show notes, so thank you. You can find out more about us and sign up to receive updates at two cent dad dot com. If you liked what you heard or just want to say, Hi, you can shoot me an email at Mike at Tuesday. Dad dot com Please leave a review on iTunes. If you like the show, it helps us to get the word out to the most people. Possible show is made possible through the support of E C Group International Building Software Teams since 1999.

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