Superhuman (with CEO Rahul Vohra)
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Who is Rahul Vohra? 03:52

Rahul is the CEO of Superhuman, a wildly popular email app that's changing the way we interact with our Inbox. He is also an active angel investor and an advisor to various startups.


Why did Rahul start Rapportive? 05:17

Rapportive was started to satisfy Rahul's own need. While at the University of Cambridge,, Rahul dropped out of a PhD in Machine Learning and instead focused his time on meeting local entrepreneurs. He needed a tool that would help him establish a rapport with his new contacts, and so Rapportive was born!


What was the Rapportive MVP? 07:59

Rapportive started as a Firefox extension primarily because all the early adopters were still using Firefox. However, as Chrome gained dominance, it quickly became a Chrome extension and has been ever since.


How did Linkedin go about acquiring Rapportive? 08:42

Linkedin initially approached Rahul with a request to stop using a third-party API to acquire their data, and as an entrepreneur would, Rahul requested they gave him direct access instead.

There were only ~20 companies using this secret Linkedin API and Rapportive was now one of them. It all started as a business development conversation, and eventually turned into an acquisition.