(EP23) The 5 Why’s of Sales
All In with Rick Jordan
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What is the first question every sales person should be prepared to answer? 02:10

Why me? Your prospect should not wait to ask this question, instead you need to get ahead and answer it first.

People do business with people, and instead of asking about your product, the prospect wants to know why they should be doing business with you, the person. Why should they buy specifically from you?

To answer this question, you could tell a story of who you are, share something personal from your own life, and allude to why you do what you do now (your business).

Don't be afraid to say that you are the best at your job.


How can a personal story help in selling product or service? 03:47

Personal stores is what really sells the product. It makes you appear more human, and makes your prospects more open, more vulnerable, and more willing to buy. You opening up makes it look like you are actually serving them, instead of just taking their money.


How do you close a sale when a prospect just does not like you? 04:21

You can do all you do, but the other person just won't like you. It happens all the time, and it happens to everyone, that is okay. Focus on the people that do like you, and you have the best chance of closing a deal with.


What does a sales person have to understand about their prospects? 06:02

Know your market, your product offering, and your customer.

You should not be selling contracts meant for a 100k-people company to a 1k-company. Your budget and your sales techniques should match with the customer and their needs.

Rick Jordan, for example, only sells to 20+ people company because those are his best customer. They already understand the pain his product is curing. If he tried to sell to a smaller company that has never seen the need, it would just waste a lot of time for both.


How to compare your company to your competitors? 09:03

Don't talk negative about your competition, but instead flip it around and show what you and your company can do.

Always assume that you are not the only person your prospect is talking to, and help them understand why you, and no one else is able to do the work.

Educate your prospects and help them understand the questions they should know to compare you with your competition, where your answers would come on top.

Your attitude, your personality, the way that you do business, is what is going to sell them first.


How to talk about your product features during a sales call? 13:46

This is a good time to explain why your product or service are the best choice for the customer. First, do your homework and really understand your customer and what they need. Then, explain how you are going to get them there. This is the only time you might want to talk about the features and the results, but focus on what your client is going to get, not how you are getting there.


How to convince a sales prospect that now is the time to buy? 16:11

It's actually quite likely that now is not a good time. Most sales, Rick says, are lost through lack of follow-ups. Don't force your product today, instead find a way to add your prospect to a drip campaign, and stay in touch.


What is the best way to reach your sales prospect? 17:13

Text messages are king. People get too many emails and phone calls already, but a quick follow up via a text message would get right through! They short, and top of the mind.