#134 — Story DAO — Justin & J.P. Alanís


On today's episode, brothers and co-founders J.P. and Justin Alanís join James to take a deep dive into the world of DAOs, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. J.P. and Justin also discuss their recently launched endeavor, Story DAO. Story DAO is a new kind of blockchain-based production platform where individuals have the opportunity to collaborate with established Hollywood writers and artists to create and co-own the next generation of culturally relevant story franchises. In this episode, Justin talks about what initially got him into the crypto/decentralized world and sheds light to what the future may hold with decentralized content. J.P. speaks about his career in Hollywood and how it has influenced his decision to join Justin on this Web3 journey. This conversation ranges from NFT's to how the media would look different if it were run by a decentralized organization.

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