#21 — fnnch — Art. Everywhere.
Below the Line with James Beshara
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Who is the most recognizable street artist in San Francisco ? 00:01



What is fnnch's background in art? 00:15

He was not always pursing art and he rarely speaks publicly about his life. He is the only anonymous TEDTalk speaker to date.


How can street art be defined? 32:12

Uncommissioned public art.


How can graffiti be defined? 32:17

Uncommissioned graphics that are NOT considered art.


What are murals? 32:19

Commissioned public art.


What does it take for someone to be successful as an artist ? 01:22:24

The traditional path is to go to art school and then get work placed in a beginner gallery. Then one progresses to solo shows and expands to additional galleries and higher level galleries.


What are some of the uncomfortable realities of being an artist? 01:49:33

It is difficult to put one's work out there for people to judge. Artists must keep perspective that they are not always going to have successes. There will be hits and there will be flops.


How can art be approached through different lenses ? 02:07:08

Art can be approached culturally, politically, and through the eyes of business as these are all elements that are part of the world of art.