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What are some stories that have shaped Joseph to who he is today?

For Joseph, the first story is his love of a question. Specifically, what was there before the Universe? He was around the age of 10, living in Texas. He associates his time of life with this question, possibly due to a long bus ride and being outdoors a lot. He states he wasn’t wracking his brain for an answer — because there isn’t an answer — but he loved the question because it put himself into a calmed and simple state of mind that he enjoyed.

Playing off of his first story’s question, the world view of nothing is something has shaped his life because at the the core of our personality, there is an existence of Self. He thinks of a principle of the underlying creation, whatever that is, was his world view and early unconscious practice. Joseph states that our entire lives, consciously or unconsciously, are an attempt to move back toward that since it’s our original nature.