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How has Kathryn’s mindset changed over the last 10 years?

She says that a lot of her self-talk has changed because she was meaner to herself in her 20s. Rather than enjoying her accomplishment, she was a lot harder on herself and didn’t feel good about them.

Kathryn was inspired by Michelle Obama’s book relating to her own self-talks. Her takeaway from the book started with the question, “Why not me?” It was easier to shift her self-talk to this perspective as a way to feel good about the things that she did. Overall, she wants to be a better version of herself.

Another change was that her 17-year-old nephew committed suicide. Because he suffered so greatly, Kathryn decided to stop this vicious cycle of talking herself down so her loved ones didn’t have to see it and as a way to honor him. She wants her own daughter to learn how to channel these feelings in a healthy way as she has learned to do so herself.