#7 — Hannah Willson — Leading Within The Org
Below the Line with James Beshara

She is a mom, an executive, and has made the jump from a large, public company to fast moving world of startups.

It is all about building trust. Human brains are not wired for perfection. Being vulnerable and transparent improves relationships between managers and supervisors.

It is people who take an investment in the people that work for them. By relating to someone, understanding them, and believing in them, they can be pushed towards great achievements.

Attrition can be looked at as how many days it takes to train someone, to hire someone, etc. and what that looks like for a company to get a new employee completely up and running. Additionally, a company's reputation is on the line if employees leave for a different organization.

It is devastating for an individual because the sales field is so competitive and transparent.

Introspection is necessary to determine what might be causing the performance decline. There must also be 100% ownership of issues.

Executive leadership is very tactical. Recruiting is critical and is as important as spending time with current team members. Being caught with the wrong people or not enough people must be avoided.

Feedback is very much a part of the working environment and offers great benefits. There is the chance that too much feedback can lead to a lack of confidence for employees. It is a balance of leaders building up their teams in order to build the trust needed to offer feedback.

To be the best, one simply cannot do everything. One cannot have it all. It is possible for moms to be good moms and still work.

Within a smaller company, leaders MUST take ownership and make things happen. They also get to be on the frontline of change, which is not always the case with larger companies.

The magnitude of each decision made must be considered. Poor decisions can be make or break for a startup.

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