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December 31, 2019

Should we “aim as high as possible” or “detach from results”? Should I be content where I am or always strive for “better”? We now know a lot about the field of sports psychology — but what can the best research tell us about the nascent field of business psychology? We know mental health is a serious issue for founders and creators, but how can we avoid the mental health traps that await us when setting out to create, lead, and impact?

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Today's episode is another deep dive experiment into a topic that every founder dreads thinking about — fundraising. Similar to what we recently did regarding a deep dive on remote work, this episode goes deep (like super deep) into the weeds on fundraising strategies, tactics, and mistakes to avoid.

This is always one of the most asked about topics, and I thought it'd be fun to do an episode with Marc who has helped founders raise over $100m in the last 12 months alone. He shares a lot of nuanced insight on the entire process of getting investors to give you millions of dollars, and getting time with him is not cheap, so I'm glad that he's able to spend a few hours with us for free — enjoy this deep dive with Marc and shoot us notes on any other deep dives you want us to do.

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