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Episode 67: Justin Nguyen – Breaking with tradition to uncover career success for college students

Beyond 6 Seconds

Justin Nguyen is the 22-year-old CEO of GetChoGrindUp and Co-Host of the Young and D.U.M.B. (Dedicated, Up-and-coming, Motivated, Bold) Podcast. Justin’s mission is to uncover the blueprint to career success for college students, and educate them about traditional jobs (through GetChoGrindUp) and non-traditional jobs (via the Young and D.U.M.B. podcast). On this episode, Justin talks about growing up in the United States as the son of Vietnamese refugees, the pressure he felt from his family to become either a doctor, lawyer or engineer, and how he discovered the worlds of finance, economics and business when he attended college. You’ll find out why he changed his major to Finance, turned down a dream job offer upon graduation, and became an entrepreneur instead – and how he broke the news to his parents! Justin also shares: How he grew his podcast’s reach using social media Advice for making contact with influencers How he taught himself marketing by researching it on the internet and watching videos of marketing experts How he wants to bring change and innovation to the education system A preview of the career fair that he’s hosting in 2020, where students can meet and get to know employers through engaging and interactive experiences Connect with Justin on LinkedIn, follow @GetChoGrindUp on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and listen to the Young and D.U.M.B. podcast on any podcast network – be sure to let him know that you heard his story on Beyond 6 Seconds!

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Smash Notes summary for this episode

What is it like for an immigrant to open up their own pathways and pursue their interests when it involves breaking family tradition ?

It can be difficult to pursue career paths outside of what one's family might be desire for the individual, especially if it outside the realm of "American Dream" that many immigrant families hope to pursue. It takes much convincing and confidence.

How are the "Young and D.U.M.B." and "GetChoGrindUp" podcasts related to one another ?

They are both geared towards current college students who may be unsure of what career path they want to choose. But, they have friends and family who are pushing them to pursue particular options.

What does the "GetChoGrindUp" podcast focus on ?

It focuses more on the traditional path to success for college students. It includes information on studying, how to perform well in an interview, how to land internships, etc.

What does the "Young and D.U.M.B." podcast focus on ?

It focuses more on the non-traditional path to success for college students. There are interviews with social media influencers, startup CEOs who have raised millions of dollars, professional video game writers, etc.

What is the goal of the "Young and D.U.M.B." and "GetChoGrindUp" podcasts?

Ultimately, they are trying to layout the blueprint to success whether a college student is pursuing traditional or non-traditional paths.

What are Gen Z and Millennials looking for in workplace culture?

They need fulfilled promises from companies. Rather, companies must show what they offer for Gen Z and Millennials to believe them.

What is it like to build up a podcast audience ?

It is difficult and requires marketing experience or acquiring marketing knowledge if one has no experience in the field. Tailoring content for specific social media platforms is necessary. The amount of time spent on creating content is not to be underestimated.

How can people learn more about the "Young and D.U.M.B." and "GetChoGrindUp" podcasts?

Both podcasts are very active and can be found on social media via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Justin Nguyen is also available on LinkedIn and has a lot of content available there.