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What is the best day to launch on Product Hunt? 04:03

Sunday because you need less upvotes than other days to reach the top.


What is the best time to launch on Product Hunt? 05:29

12:01am PST to give your product the most amount of time possible to reach the top of the charts for the day.


What can makers do to make their post stand out? 07:00

Use emojis in the descriptions and taglines of their products. The emojis will jump out at people compared to text alone.


What not to do for a Product Hunt launch? 07:25

Ask people for upvotes. The people at Product Hunt do not like this. They will make your product less visible if they catch you asking for upvotes. Instead guide people towards your post by letting people know you've launched on Product Hunt.

Episode Description

In this episode I discuss why I launched on Product Hunt, What I learned about launching on the platform, and how it went. 
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Published on August 19, 2019

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