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The 1% rule: How I learn and get things done

Building an Indie Business

In this episode I discuss the 1% rule for how I get things done. I discuss what it is and how I built the habit.

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Published on April 1, 2019

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Smash Notes summary for this episode

What is the one percent rule?

A 1% rule is a way to get in the habit of making progress by breaking tasks into quantifiable percentages.

For example, instead of commiting to reading a book, commit to reading 3 pages of a book each day. It might takes you hundred days to read a 300-page book, but you are guaranteed to finish, so long as you read at least 3 pages each and every single day.

How can you use to be more productive?

If you broadcast yourself working on , it would make you work harder just from knowing that someone else is watching you work.