Justin Tuck
Business Dad
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Who is Justin Tuck? 00:04

Justin Tuck spent 11 year with the New York Giants and Oakland Raiders. Shortly after his retirement from football, Justin completed his MBA, enjoying Goldman Sachs, where he currently serves as the vice president in the private wealth management group. Justin lives in the New York area with his wife, Lauren, and his sons, who are 10 and 6.


What did Alexis Ohanian get out of being a dad so far? 00:59

Alexis says that after becoming a dad, he has unlocked a new part of the world that gave him a sense of purpose, but also a sense of pride. Being a dad also came with a tons of frustration and a ton of life hacks.


Why did Justin Tuck turn towards finance after retiring from football? 02:08

Justin realized that if he was going to sit around and home and waste his time, his kids would not have a role model to inspire them.


How can you find time for family as a professional football player? 04:01

Justin says that that football is actually pretty scheduled, which makes it easy to plan ahead and find the time for family.

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