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What is an goal to set? 04:48

Money is an easy goal to set as a target and to measure. One host, Chris, imagines what a millionaire could have, but he states how a million dollars for an individual is a lot. In business context, it’s nothing because employees alone can cost six figures.


What is one important aspect when it comes to having a job? 07:35

David, the other host, states that having freedom is important to him. He refers to it as having financial independence. He states that you don’t need a million dollars for financial independence– maybe a quarter of it in a big city.


What is flexible work? 08:31

Flexible works means that an individual could possibly get away with working part-time, make less money, but you get more hours back in your week, leaving you time on your own to spend it however you want to.


What is it like to be a digital nomad? 13:36

Chris believes that it’s fun and exciting at first, but then it becomes a hassle when you want to sit down and get work done. He states that you need consistency and quality in your space to work efficiently and complete jobs.


What is an absolute and valuable resource? 14:28

David views time as the most valuable resource. We have multiple work options and ambitions. What we seek is flexibility within our jobs, which is one benefit of freelancing for him.


What should you get better at before you try to pitch an idea? 21:34

You should work on building an audience. Not only that, but you want to create an engaging audience that’s excited about what you have to offer to the world.


What aren’t useful things to sell people? 27:46

“Get rich quick” schemes because you should want to offer something that really helps people. At the end of the day, you should want to offer people a takeaway of what you’re conveying to help them improve or build their own business.


How do you know when you’re in good shape with a problem? 35:12

If your problems are upgrading, such as productive ones or ones you’re trying to solve, then you’re on the right path to where you want to end up. As you continue solving problems, you’ll have others that will arise once you get past one set of problems.


What does it mean when you share personal updates with the public? 37:51

It means that you are making yourself vulnerable with your audience when you journal and share your personal life with the public. It’s your own level of comfort that you’re willing to share with the world.


What are the dynamics of a beginner, intermediate, and experts? 41:20

Beginners can’t do anything complicated. If you’re at an intermediate level, you’re trying to do more complex things as your goal. Once you reach an expert level, you’re trying to do the simple things like a beginner would.


Why is it easier to be vulnerable on a podcast versus in a blog post? 42:55

When it comes to a blog post, you can hear the hosts’ tones. It’s a lot more difficult to pick up in a written post.


How can a podcast benefit the hosts? 46:44

Even if no one ever listens to this podcast, he thinks that listening to this podcast in, say, 20 years will be fascinating to look back on to where he was in this moment. Podcasts can provide valuable information to those who are or aren’t as far along as the hosts are in their entrepreneurial journey.


Where should you set your expectations when accomplishing your goals? 50:45

You should set the bar low enough where you will not skip it every day. Keep it low enough where you have more motivation to surpass it, but not become overwhelmed by it.


Why can’t you ask people how much something is worth? 54:21

Because they don’t know why they would spend a certain amount of money on a product. They purchase sometimes out of compulsive actions. When creating a product, you will quickly notice whether a product is priced too high or low.


What is a Mastermind Group? 56:46

It’s a place to where business owners or any group of people get together. It provides a safe place for people to talk and discuss about how to deal with problems. You sometimes need advice from someone in your role to find the solution. People will try to help and provide solutions, not judge one another.