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(Ep01) Meet The Mont Roses | Co Founder Couple | Married Entrepreneurs

When your co-founder isn’t just a partner in business, but also in life, how do you navigate both aspects of your relationship? When friends, family, or couples start a venture together, they don’t often know what to expect— or, they think they do, until they’re surprised by the reality of combining love and business. 


Today, you’ll learn:

The story of how Alex and Lisa met, joined families, and eventually began a business together How they lost a good friend in the process of building their business The defining moment for Lisa 3-4 months into starting the business that still brings tears to her eyes today What happened when some of the people around them tried to place limits on their initial growth


Today’s Optimizer Tip: Leverage the gig economy. Delegate the administrative, transactional work your business (Alex gives the example of real estate transactions).


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Connect with the Mont-Roses online on Facebook @moncord, Twitter @moncordRE, Instagram @moncordRE, or on their website.


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Alex & Lisa’s business: Moncord Real Estate Professional Services


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