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(Ep03) Running A Household While Running A Business

With a blended family of 5 kids, the Mont-Roses have learned what it takes to raise a big family (while running a business together at the same time!). It’s all about recognizing what matters, and what doesn’t.


Today’s insights:

What looks like “instant success” can be confusing for kids, because they don’t see the hard work that went into it How Alex and Lisa navigate their kids always wanting more time with them When you’re never “done” working, you have to decide when you’re “done enough” Being able to work from anywhere is both a blessing and a curse, as a business owner and as a parent And, what is true success?


The Optimizer Tip: Your kids don’t need a huge quantity of time with you; they need true quality time with you. Make that time intentional, and respond to your kids when they ask for it.


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