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(Ep04) Working From Home Together | Beth Johnson And Matt Flynn

If you had asked Beth Johnson and Matt Flynn 5 years ago if they thought they’d own a business together, you would have gotten blanks stares or big laughs. But today, they’re the happy owners of Flynn Family Lending, a private money lending firm that brings a personal touch to financing solutions. They sat down with Alex and Lisa for an open (and quite funny) conversation about working from home, where they’re raising a family and growing their business together.


Tune in for:

How to find a manageable pace when your business is growing 200% every year, and know when enough is enough  How Beth’s background in the corporate world (at Microsoft) helped her bring a solid process to the business How do you decide which direction to go when you don’t agree? (Bring it to the team!)


Optimizer Tip: As your business scales, make sure to stay in your lane; divide and conquer to accomplish what you envision together.And, if you’re a co-founder couple, agree before you enter into business together to never use intimacy as a bargaining tool. Keep it sacred as a part of your personal relationship only.


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