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(Ep09) Do Less, Make More | Real Estate Guru: Thach Nguyen

“Everybody has a journey. And in that journey, there has to be patience. Everybody wants the quick dollar NOW, everybody wants it to work NOW. but it doesn’t work that way; you have to go through the journey.” - Alex Mont-Ros


In this mano-a-mano episode, Alex gets the scoop on how real estate investor, developer, and influencer Thach Nguyen has grown his business to become the force of nature it is today. Hint: it has a lot more to do with his wife’s hard work than most people know!


Thach Nguyen has been an inspirational thought leader on real estate for more than 27 years. His commitment to philanthropy in the greater Seattle area has earned him the CBS American Hero! And today, he and his wife Camie run a thriving business together, and he offers his wisdom to tens of thousands of followers online.


In this energizing episode, you’ll hear:

The story of how Thach’s family fled Vietnam when he was 5 years old How his wife Camie got involved in the real estate business with Thatch (from the very beginning) How founders—especially men—can be too possessive with their company’s operations, and how a manager helped Thatch release his need to “cook the fish” himself Now, he and his wife have to use much higher standards about the deals they choose to invest their time in. Sometimes, that means saying no to a potential client


Optimizer Tip: You have to think 10 or 20 years out. Stop going after short-term goals and things, and start creating a lifestyle. What does your ideal lifestyle look 10, 20 years from now? Get emotionally connected to that vision; start from far in the future and work into the present. *Actually sit down and do it.*


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