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(Ep12) What To Expect Your Third Year In Business

The trilogy is completed. Hear about the biggest challenges—and lessons—Alex and Lisa experienced their third year running a business together.


In Year 3, Alex and Lisa learned:

How to separate their personal relationships with their team members from their professional relationships  You can’t expect your team members to work as hard as you when you’re the business owners—it’s important to remember that, for them, in many ways it is “just a job” A common frustration for business owners: when employees think you don’t care, despite clearly demonstrating that you do When they were pushed to the brink, Alex & Lisa found their resilience. As long as there’s an end in sight, you can find your inner power to move through an intense season 


Optimizer Tip: Have a regular, structured family meeting, just like you do with your team at work.


Episode References:

Gary Vee on: realistic expectations for your employees


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