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(Ep14) Scheduling What Matters | Troy And Karen Thiel

80% of businesses that spouses start together, end... in divorce. How have Troy and Karen successfully taken the leap more than 8 years ago, and stayed in love—and in business—with each other?


Today we meet the hilarious and insightful Troy and Karen Thiel, known as “The Thiel Team” in their work as real estate industry community leaders and advocates with Windermere Yarrow Bay.


This charming episode covers:

The Thiels’ commitment to making “missing middle” housing accessible to those who can’t afford the outlandish housing costs in the Seattle, Washington area Are you a “platter” or a “buffet” in your work style? Recognizing the household roles you own can help ease guilt around not taking on as many, or the same type of, work responsibilities as your partner The importance of carving out just a little time to schedule your weekly goals and plan for execution It all starts with your identity, and aligning your habits to the identity you want to step into  How to decide who’ll take the lead role in managing a client (your differences are your strengths)


Optimizer Tip: Set aside a time to schedule the work you’re doing the following week, and the work you’re delegating to others


Episode References: 

“KW” is Keller Williams


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For their work with affordable housing: Facebook @CommunityForAffordableHousing and “Livin’ Small


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