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(Ep16) The 5 Hour Workday

Could you implement a 5-hour workday in your company? It’s a radical idea that’s recently made waves in the business world. But it doesn’t just mean limiting your work hours to 5/day; it involves specific strategies to get even more bang for your buck in those hours. Alex and Lisa break down what this method can look like, and what to consider if you’re curious about implementing it yourself.


Hear about:

The German company that’s serving as a case study for a 5-hour workday The interruptions that naturally happen throughout any given day at work need to be acknowledged; some benefit company culture, while others are just pure distraction What are the pros and cons of a 5-hour workday?  Would a 5-hour workday work for YOUR business or industry? What to consider


Optimizer Tip: Try implementing those same focus techniques you would use AS IF you’re going for a 5-hour workday. This means locking up your phone so you don’t waste time browsing social media, etc.


Episode References:

The Pomodoro Technique

Forbes article about the German company testing a five-hour workday

Original WSJ article about the same company (Lasse Rheingans)

James Clear’s book, Atomic Habits


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