E6: Jonathan Perichon, Checkr
Code Story
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Do you love simple API's ? 04:28

Simple API's are the way to go. There are no background checks in France, so Jonathan and his co-founder didn't even know the world. They discovered that the tech was archaic - there was no good tech. That is what sparked their interest, loving simple API's and only seeing 100 page documents for SOAP API's in the market.


What did Checkr's first MVP look like ? 06:44

The first customers didn't want an API! Switching gears, Jonathan and team built a simple form to submit requests for background checks in a simple way. Much more simple, than the API they built :)


What are the use cases for Checkr's background check platform? 11:27

Three main use cases for Checkr: 1) large enterprise customers, doing API integration for more custom flows, direct integration into their product. 2) Smaller companies (long tail), using our UI solution. All are using legal and compliance workflows, using Checkr's dashboard.

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