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Getting acquired by one of the biggest companies on the internet

Company of One

Channing Allen runs a website called IndieHackers with his brother Courtland. They’re a two-person team who advocates staying small and intentional growth. Then, one day, they got an email from the billionaire CEO of one of the largest tech companies on the planet to be acquired.

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Smash Notes summary for this episode

What is Indie Hackers?

Indie Hackers is a business run by two brothers, Courtland and Channing Allen. It's a community for entrepreneurs and digital business owners to connect and to learn.

How did the acquisition of Indie Hackers by Stripe take place?

One day they got an email from the CEO of Stripe, asking if they'd want to sell. The request took Courtland and Channing completely by surprise.

Why did Stripe buy Indie Hackers?

Every new business that takes place online and does well is a potential user for Stripe. If Indie Hackers do well at growing the business community, Stripe will do better.

How does Indie Hacker team integrate into Stripe?

Indie Hacker team gets to use Stripe resources to grow their business, like design, legal and marketing. Otherwise IH is still pretty much independent.