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18. Michelle Obama

Former First Lady Michelle Obama feels cautiously optimistic about being Conan O’Brien’s friend.

Michelle and Conan sit down to talk about Michelle’s memoir Becoming, childhood inspirations, embarrassing her kids, spending time alone with Chipotle, putting the right people in office, and the loss of anonymity.

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Updated on July 09

Key Smash Notes In This Episode


They are taught to hide all of those experiences. Famous people fake the seemingly perfect nature of their lives, which makes them appear untouchable.


They work extra hard to cover it up because they don't want to be seen as less.


When facing hurts and disappointments, it is not the job of the President and First Lady to be psychoanalyzed and in need of immense support. Rather, they are "parents" to the nation and have responsibilities that must be addressed.


Poise, grace, and resilience must all be developed in order for them to maintain some normalcy in their lives.


Ultimately, they are government jobs. It is hard and thankless work. One must be knowledgeable, patient, and someone who can handle stress.


Ultimately, it is what citizens must do. Regardless of beliefs, the number of citizens voting is woefully small. The next generation must be educated on the importance of decision making.

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